Friday, 3 January 2014

2014 Goals

Happy New Year to you all !!
We are 3 days into the new year already and I've been setting up my goals.
At the end of last year I said I wasn't going to commit to too much that I might regret later in the year - well that one has flown out the window already!

But, ignoring that for the moment, here are my goals:
1. Learn, learn learn. I'm at my most happiest when I'm learning something new, no matter how small it is. I walk round with a smile on my face when I've achieved something for the first time. So I'm really going to try out a lot of new techniques in 2014. This means I might not finish a lot of quilts or knitted projects, but I'll try out new ideas, and be happy with just making a block or two. They can me made into something later on when the whim takes me.
I do have one quilt commitment - a quilt for my middle son, and I would like to make a medallion quilt
Maybe like this ?

2. Make more of my own clothes. I've been able to dress make since I was a child, but I don't do enough of it, nor do I knit enough items for me. I have good intentions and I buy the fabric and pattern or yarn, I just don't get round to making them !! So this will be a bit of a stash buster for me at the same time. First up is this top.

3. Have less chemicals in my life. Some of you may know how keen I am on organic cotton and that I grow my own organic veggies. I'm getting more into this way of life this year, trying to use only eco friendly cleaning materials, and eat a more simple and natural diet.
I've been experimenting with making my own body washes!

 I was going to start a second blog to talk about this, but I think it will be too much work. Instead I'm going to share my successes (and failures!) pictorially on Instagram. There's a link to my Instagram at the top of the sidebar if you're interested in following, and that way it won't distract from the blog, if you're not !

4. Set up a list of Block Tutorials on my blog
This really goes hand in hand with the learning goal. As I make blocks just for the experience of trying them out, I might as well do a tutorial on them at the same time. That way I get to record what I've made and anyone liking the block and wanting to have a go, gets to see how I've made it.

Now I have to confess that this goal is not what it was going to be originally - it was going to be a block linky party, but I got cold feet !! I spent so long trying to get the button made, and fretted so much as to whether anyone would link up, and whether I would have the commitment to keep it going, that in the end I chickened out !!

I think I've made the right decision. There are a lot of linky parties in the crafting blogland already ( I know I sometimes don't bother to link up even when I have something that would fit).
If I had got the button with the text underneath it to work, I think I would have gone ahead, but after 12 hours (yes, 12 !!!) I gave up.
If you think I've made the wrong decision, and you would honestly support another, let me know. I could be persuaded to give it a go if I knew there was enough enthusiasm.
In the meantime, I hope to post about my blocks on a Sunday, calling it Block Buster Sunday. I've left the button, minus the code box underneath (Grrrr!) in my sidebar. Feel free to add it to yours if you want, it will be a quick link to view what I've come up with.

There was a lot of fretting involved in the decision making, and the best way I knew to relax was to do some slow and easy hooky. The result - Linky Party 0 -  Stash Busting 6

What are your goals for 2014?


  1. Oh my goodness. I've just finished planning my blog for the next month or so (can you feel the new year spirit of organisation filling the room? See how long it lasts...) and was planning on doing a linky. I've never done one and wanted to stretch and learn and all that, but 12 hours... Maybe I'm not ready yet :-/
    My resolutions are to commit to less external things (BOMs, quilt-a-longs, bees) and commit more to my blog. I want to push myself with photographs (particularly for my blog). I also have a list of at least a dozen quilts that I want to make, but we'll see how that goes!
    E xx

  2. Oh, and I meant to say, I probably wouldn't link in, but I will be excited to read the tuts and turning them into a resource on your blog is a great idea. You could end as one of those go to pages who know the how's and the whys and the wherefores... You don't get that with a linky :-)
    E xx

  3. One of my goals is not to buy anymore jumpers. If I want a new one, I have to plan ahead and knit it. I've also joined a gym and that will take up some of my former knitting time. So I have to knit faster or be more selective about what I cast on.

  4. This year I have really enjoyed doing my first ever charm swaps ( two different one - rainbow and low volume ) and the strip bee. Once the bee is over, I would like to find something new! Could be a links, or maybe a block swap of some kind?!?

  5. I love it when I find someone just like me. I spend hours clicking,flicking,swearing and then giving up on things which apparently should only take a nano second. The latest test of character is trying to arrange photos in sets on Flikr. I feel such a Dumbo sometimes.
    However, enough about me . I follow you on my sidebar so will be popping in with interest.
    After 10 years constant hooking crochet I have put my wool and hook away and have started my first ever quilt! Eye eek! A monster quilt for my only Grandson.
    Good luck with everything. To finish I am so glad you like learning new things. I would if they stayed in the memory banks. Old Father Time plays tricks as you get older!

  6. I think you've set yourself some great goals Julie, and I look forward to seeing how they progress!

  7. I like the name "Block Buster". I am actually making granny squares also, for the "Crochet Mood Blanket" challenge. Mine will be simple, one colored squares, not as colorful as yours :-)
    Best wishes on your resolutions and have a delightful 2014!

  8. I love the idea of your Block Buster Sunday. A few of my "goals" for the new year are similar to your own. I too tend to buy fabric and yarn to make something for myself, only to prioritise everything but! And I'm really keen to try my hand at quilting so decided that I would make different blocks to practice, on the basis that they can be put together in a different project at a later date - a full size quilt or a cushion maybe. Good luck with your goals, I shall follow your blog with interest! Happy new year x

  9. Good luck with your goals Julie, you don't need to have the code for the button anyway, none of my buttons have them. I think it's a very catchy title and a very good idea. I have a link a block party coming up to go along with the knit a block a week challenge, if you would like any help with setting up a link party just yell I would be pleased to help. I have been so busy setting up the challenges I haven't really had time to actually sit down and decide what my goals are for 2014 but I must or nothing will get done. :)


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