Thursday, 16 January 2014

Economy Block Quilt Progress

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This is a very short post, mainly to share with you how stupid I have been!!
Monday all was well, I was working hard on my Economy Block Quilt. I have the bulk of the top completed. All that's left to do is the side borders.
Tuesday I was sitting at my laptop enjoying a morning cuppa, when suddenly the cup jumped out of my hand and deposited it's entire contents over my laptop!!! And just incase you're wondering what expletives ensued, I was in such a state of shock I was dumb!
I did have the sense to turn said laptop upside down immediately, but I don't think my immediately was immediate enough.
The result - no working laptop!
I'm hoping when my laptop and I visit the kind Apple Genius tomorrow morning the diagnosis will be a good one, but until then it has to have complete rest in a warm room (and nil by mouth!!!)
The quilt is coming along nicely. Should you be interested in the quilt 's progress I will be updating Instagram rather than using my blog until the laptop is fixed. Button to the link is at the top of the sidebar - it's the little camera icon.

It's more than likely that there will be no Block Buster Sunday this week, as trying to write a blog post from my phone is excruciatingly frustrating and just gives me a mega headache, but rest assured. it will resume just as soon as my laptop is well again.

And if you're in the habit of enjoying a nice cup of tea (or a nice cup of anything!) whilst browsing the internet, take my advice - don't
It's not worth the hassle!

And just in case you feel sorry for me - Don't! It was my own stupid fault, and it's something I won't do again!


  1. Oh no how frustrating!! But I guess better on the laptop than on your quilt top??!!! Hope it can get mended, and soon x

  2. I'm sat with a cuppa coffee in my hand as I write this Julie so don't beat yourself up abut it could happen to any of us! Let it be a lesson to us all, I hope they manage to fix it ok. :)

  3. Even a little blurry the quilt looks fabulous! Do hope you get your laptop fixed.

  4. Well I domfeel so sorry for you. What a shame and what a pain. Quilt looking wonderful though x


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