Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It Wasn't Meant To Happen

It wasn't meant to happen. It wasn't supposed to be like this! This should have been a knitting post. I should have had a finish to show you, BUT a quilt idea got into my head, I tried to push it to the back, I told it to take it's turn, but NO, it wouldn't leave me alone, until finally I admitted defeat and started to make it. I don't need this quilt! I have requests for other quilts waiting to be started, but this little upstart has bamboozled it's way to the top of the list!
How? you may ask.
Well, being the organised person I am, I got way ahead of myself on my Block Buster Sunday projects over the Christmas holidays. This coming Sunday it's the Economy Block. In some ways it's a pity I had already worked on this, as the whole quilting world and it's wife seem to be making economy blocks at the moment. I thought about postponing it until later in the year, but I'm going to post it anyway. There is an Economy Block Quilt Along on Instagram The hashtag is #economyblockalong. There's also an Economy Block Quilt Along on Flickr, so I thought probably one more tutorial won't go amiss.
Anyway, that is not until Sunday. The idea of the Block Buster Sundays is just to try out different blocks, NOT make whole quilts from them, but somehow there is now a work in progress to share!

My economy block quilt is going to be totally scrappy. (That's justification #1 for making it - use up the scraps). It's going to be a charity quilt (justification #2 - I should make more charity quilts) and I'm going to free motion quilt it, when I get that far ( justification #3 - I need to get out of my comfort zone with my free motion quilting on something that doesn't matter too much}
I'm also not allowing myself to sash these blocks.
The prudent quilter in me would have sashed them so that it wouldn't matter if some of the outer points on those blocks didn't line up too well, but this is the year of learning new skills, and if I go slowly sewing these blocks , then hopefully I can improve my accuracy. I also love the secondary pattern that emerges where the four outer corners of the blocks join.
So, this is my work in progress. Eight blocks made so far, a total of 48 needed. Block size is 8" finished

I will be posting the tutorial on Sunday, and hopefully have a few more blocks to show too.

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  1. Tee hee - these pesky quilty ideas that get into our heads and won't rest til we've made them! What can one do except give in and sew ;-)

  2. I've been bitten by the economy block bug too! They are so so addictive!
    Your blocks are looking wonderful!

  3. Ha ha, I just pulled some fabrics this afternoon to have a go at these!

  4. It is all looking amazing already. What a great start to the New Year x

  5. I have been eyeing up the Economy block along as well. I have resisted so far.

  6. visiting from WIP wednesday. I love the economy blocks you have made. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Very nice blocks!! One of these days I expect I'll be joining you!

  8. Well, you got sucked in to the Economy Block Vortex. It happens! I can see how. Your blocks are really cute!

  9. It's looking lovely. Can't wait to see the finished project. This is one sew along I'm not joining. :)

  10. Oh so cute, I want to join in now!!


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