Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Some Amazing Fabric Birds

Hi. I had hoped to be showing you my latest new knitting pattern today, but it still isn't quite finished. It's a new design of baby booties. The booties are all knit up, in all sizes, photos all taken, but I'm still checking and re-checking what I've written. Does it make sense? are there any typos? etc.
You would be amazed at how long it takes me to be happy with a pattern, so you are going to have  to wait a little while longer...No, not even a sneaky photo today!
Instead, I have to show you an Etsy seller that is so talented it's just mind-blowing.
Oh, how I wish I was able to make something like this!!

Or this!!

They are made by Etsy seller Emma Verner-Webb of The Cotton Potter
She uses a variety of incredibly well chosen fabrics and facial details are carefully handpainted.
They have  glass  eyes and a  polymer clay beak.
The legs are made from painted wire and the birds are filled with wool stuffing.
The blue tit and goldfinch above and the woodpecker below are all favourite British birds (she has many others on her site too) 
and have been handcrafted with such attention to detail that they are instantly recognisable.

 In fact they are so life like that I think my cats would be trying to chase them!
Speaking of which - one of my cats, Ruby, spent yesterday afternoon asleep on the birdtable.
Hopefully, she wasn't taking an after-dinner nap!

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