Monday, 6 August 2012

Sewing just for Me!!!

Hi! It's been rather a wet weekend here in the Midlands in the UK, so I've spent a lot of time sewing.... and what's more, I've been sewing for me!!
I cut out the pieces for this top on Friday afternoon, not really expecting to do any more to it for a day or so, but I actually finished the whole thing in a weekend!
I bought the fabric a while ago, half price in a sale. I was never over the moon about it - I bought it because it was cheap! Why on earth do we do that! However, now it's sewn up I like it more than I thought I would. It won't ever be my fave thing I wear whenever possible, but it's very practical to go with skinny jeans and I really do need more tops that are longer than the ubiquitous T shirt.
The pattern is New Look 6110
I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work out, as I needed to adapt the pattern, using one size on the top half and the next size up on the hips, but that bit was actually a breeze.
I really like some of the small details, like the crossover where the sleeve joins at the underarm, rather than a straight seam.
I didn't like working the placket on the front at all! Either my facings sewed up a little too big or I'd cut the opening a little too small - either way, it took two attempts and good bit of pressing with steam to make it acceptable to me. Sorry no photo, I tried but it just looked like a mass of pattern - which is probably a godsend, it means no-one will notice the ill-fitting placket when I'm wearing it !

The instructions for the facing told me to press the raw edge under and stitch in place from the top. I hesitated at this - my gut feel was to slip stitch it in place by hand and then top stitch, and I really wish I'd listened to my gut!

Actually when I look at this photo now it doesn't look too bad, and I know no-one can see it when I'm wearing it, but next time I'm going to follow my instincts and take a bit longer to get it just right.
I think I fancy making something from a downloadable pattern over at  Burdastyle next.

I'm linking up with the Small Blog Meet over at Lilys Quilts later on today. Its a link up for any quilting/sewing blogger with fewer than 50 followers who would like to meet a few more likeminded bloggers. I've been reading Lynne's blog sporadically for a while, so I think it's time to get a bit more pro-active and waste spend even more time in blogland!!
Till next time..... Julie


  1. Julie, this blouse is really great. A nice style, nice fabric. (I really like the colors!)Maybe you will wear it more than you think. I'm seriously considering buying the pattern. I'll have to do as you did and enlarge the bottom half. (What up with that? LOL!)

  2. Yes, Why do they do that.... it's definately not us that are too big!...they just make the patterns too small!


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