Thursday, 3 November 2016

BC Garn Semilla Organic Yarn

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I have finished this cowl neck cardigan for my little grandson.
This was my first foray into designing larger baby items.

And choosing to start with a cowl neck was probably not the most sensible decision!
But it's done and I'm very happy with it.

I would like to be able to say the pattern will be available soon, but that day is still a long way off. Designing one size was hard enough. Grading it for more sizes just isn't top of my "to do" list right now.

But what I have discovered is that BC Garn Semilla organic wool is a total dream to work with.
So much so that my stash of it is growing!

This is my DK weight collection. I have quite a bit of that lovely moss green left over and it goes very nicely with the greys and navy. I have plans for knitting some mittens and baby leggings with this.

Although this is a double knit weight yarn, I've found that if I use 3.5 mm needles I get a sports weight tension and the resulting fabric is still nice and drapey. 
So I think my collection of this will be growing over the next few months!

Although this is a hand wash only yarn, this is not a problem for my family.
My son and daughter-in-law have tried to dress their little one in predominantly organic clothing, particularly if it is next to his skin.
With careful planning and buying only basic items that all go well together they have been very successful in this aim.
They are quite happy to trade a bit of hand washing for the knowledge that the items are made of natural organic fibres.

DC Garn also produce a 4 ply and a chunky weight organic yarn.

I chose this combination of 4 ply. I'm thinking it will make a lightweight cabled sweater, predominantly grey with a red trim around the neck and cuffs.
I don't think I'll be casting on just yet though. The mittens and baby leggings are more urgently needed!

BC Garn organic yarn can be bought from LoveKnitting and with 35 shades to choose from, I'm not going to run out of ideas any time soon!


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