Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Truly Handcrafted Wedding

You may be forgiven for believing that I had dropped off the planet, but in truth, I have just been having a wonderful time with my family. 
Now though, my son's wedding is over, the family over from Canada have returned home and it is time to reflect and smile at all the wonderful things we achieved and enjoyed together.
This was always going to be a handcrafted wedding, but I think they truly surpassed all expectations.
My main jobs were to make the bunting, the table runners and part of the wedding cake.

You can see the table runners here. They were fringed hessian with lace sewn along the middle. Quick and easy (and messy!) to make. 
I hope you've also spotted the bunting - that was really fun to make, and it will be kept to bring out at family events in the future.
Mike & Laura made the table numbers and the favours (potted succulents for the girls, homemade chilli sauce for the boys).

They also painted directional signs to the venue and with the remaining wood made wonderful hand painted quotes like this one to dot around the reception area

It was a barn wedding and this wonderful room is where the ceremony was held.

It was the perfect size for the number of guests (and yes, that's me at the front!)

It was the small touches that made this day so special.......the photo gallery to include our loved ones who had passed way too soon.

And the handmade cones of real petals for confetti.

Laura is a silversmith who graduated from the prestigious Birmingham University Jewellery School and she made personalised cufflinks for all the groomsmen.

and a necklace and earrings for all the bridesmaids and both Mums. This is mine. The stone is citrine to match the lemon in my outfit.

But the most talked about item was definitely the cake.

Two of the layers were an un-iced traditional fruit cake made by Laura's Mum which was always a regular cake in Laura's household. The other two were Rice Krispie cake, made by me, which was always what my boys had as their birthday cake. The making of this caused a little angst. My previous  Rice Krispie cakes were never the same twice! Sometimes they crumbled on your plate, sometimes you needed a pick axe to get into them! This time it not only had to be edible, but the lowest tier had to support three other cakes! Were still weren't sure it was going to work until the day came to put to together. Thankfully it held up and was a big hit. Laura crocheted the hearts and added the explanation notes as to why they had this cake. Do you see the cake topper?

Laura made this too! They are wooden pegs that she has painted and dressed. Mike has a suit made from felt, with the correct colour tie. Laura's dress is scraps that I had left over from making the table runners, and who is that at the front? Why, it's their little Jack Russell, Bruce! complete with his favourite red ball. No wonder this was such a talking point at the reception!

So the event that we planned and busily crafted for the best part of the last 8 months is now over. It was a wonderful day, a day to treasure and smile about. Whilst they were on honeymoon I've had my family from Canada here and we've busied ourselves with day trips and long walks, enjoying the English summer........more memories to treasure.

Now it's time to think forward again, and with a little excitement, too.  I'll have time to get back to my knitting and quilt making, and plans for new projects are starting to take shape. Just as it's almost time for a new term for school children, I feel like it's new term for me too. Although I dislike the longer hours of darkness that autumn brings, it does mean more time for quiet crafts, and hopefully for blogging, too!


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