Monday, 27 August 2012

Garden Trellis Quilt

It's been such a productive weekend!
And I mean in more ways than one. I've enjoyed the sunshine of the weekend to the full, and spend a lot of time gardening. Everywhere looks spick and span and I'm busy harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers,beans and courgettes (zucchini? in the US), but I've also aced my quilting target.
I thought I was going to be showing you this as a work in progress, but I've finished it!
I wanted to design an easy to make quilt for beginners that wasn't too busy, was modern and would complement any decor. I was a little concerned as I got part way through that it was going to be too "white", but I'm truly pleased with the final result. I could easily see this with a light grey or taupe background though, or even made entirely of solids with the darker fabric as the background and perhaps white for the chain, I used some remaining strips for the binding....

.....and I'm so pleased that I did! I didn't want to introduce another print, or prioritise one colour over another.
I quilted it with diagonal lines which I marked on with a ruler and Hera marker
This is such an easy tool to use, and it's so nice that there are no lines to wash out at the end of the quilting. I do find that if I've handled the quilt a lot (I rotate through 90 degrees at the end of every row of quilting) the lines are getting a little faint towards the end of the task, but it is no problem to lay the quilt flat again and re-mark them.
This quilt will make a great play mat when the youngest members of the family come to visit.
The pattern is available in my Etsy store. Instructions are given for 5 sizes from Baby to King.
Let's hope the rest of the week is as productive, and enjoyable!


  1. Lovey, just lovey quilt. I really think the quilting adds so much too. Great job. I've never seen this marking tool before - does it just leave a crease in the fabric? Or how does it work?

  2. I think it's manufactured by Clover and yes it just leaves a crease. Place your ruler along the line you want to mark and run the tool along it - you don't need a lot of pressure, and then you can see the marked line in front of you as you quilt. It works very well on solids, I'm not sure how easy it would be on a dark print in artificial light. A very cheap way of marking too!

  3. Very nice quilt - like the pattern and the quilting!!


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