Thursday, 26 July 2012

Storybook Lane by Kelly Lee-Creel

You know that "Oh! Wow! I just have to get that!"feeling? Yes, if you're reading this blog, then of course you do!!
Well that was the feeling I got when this picture came up in the weekly email from fabricworm.
The little houses are made from two panels of fabric from the Storybook Lane line by Kelly-Lee Creel
I am a complete sucker for anything small with interactive parts as anyone who bought the Making Cards for Children Special Issue will know. I co-wrote this special issue with my son's girlfriend Laura, who did all the artwork. 
All manner of ideas started buzzing through my head when I saw this fabric.
I knew that I just had to have some  and if I was to get it before it ran out, I had to act quickly. For UK readers who are not familar with Fabricworm, it is a wonderful on-line fabric store - I defy you to find a wider range of fabric anywhere else. Yes, you have to pay international postage but you can squeeze a whole 10 yards into their Flat Rate Envelope which costs $17.50 (about £11.20), and as the fabric costs a lot less in the US than it does here it really works out about the same price as buying here - cheaper if you fill that envelope to the brim!! (Oh what hardship!!)

There are some gorgeous complimenting fabrics in the range, but I restricted myself to the two panels

as it really is the little houses and stuffies that I want to make.

Aren't they wonderful? My fabric arrived today and I'm delighted with it. The question now is, will I wait and purchase the pattern book which Kelly has produced to go with these, but is only just beginning to ship to fabric stores, or will I go ahead and design my own playsets. I think somehow it will be the latter, so expect a few more posts about Storybook Lane in the near future showing you my progress.
Till next time.......


  1. Oh my, this is so cute. I might have to buy these panels to make softies for my baby. Look forward to updates on what you will do with these.

  2. Hi Marit, I can't wait to start using this :) Don't worry, there will be pictures on the blog as soon as I have something to show you all.


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