Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The sights, scents and stitches of summer

Yay!! Summer has finally arrived in the UK and in a big way here in the Midlands.
Finally I can sit in the sun and sew!
I can look fondly at all the plants I grew from seed earlier in the year.
I can sit in a chair on the lawn enjoying the feel of grass on my bare feet and stitch happily away on the latest quilt. Until that is..... I drop my needle!
Now this is problematic on two fronts:
First -  As you may know, not all needles are made equal. They may all look the same in the pack, but some become favourites, they just feel a little bit special... you know which one you like using best (or is this just me??), so it wasn't just any old needle I'd lost in the grass - it was my special needle!
Second - the perceptive amongst you will have guessed... remember I said I liked the feel of grass on my bare feet? Yep! No shoes....
So, you get the picture? I'm on my knees, nose 6" away from the grass, brushing my hands gently through it for what seemed like forever! What my neighbours imagined I was doing, goodness only knows.
I didn't find that needle. I had to tread very carefully all day long and I had to choose a new and "oh so not nearly as nice! needle to work with.

Still, I shouldn't really complain. The sun still shone. I still sat sewing (over the table this time!!), enjoying the fragrance from some freshly picked sweet peas and a refreshingly cool drink.... and my feet are still unharmed! What's not to love!

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  1. Hi thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower, I am following you right back. Sorry you lost your needle I know what you mean I have a favorite too and carry it everywhere with me. it's good it didn't end up in your foot! Lets hope the summer weather lasts :)


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