Friday, 6 July 2012

Sewing Through the Rain

I'm sure you are probably fed up with UK bloggers moaning about the rain by now, so I decided to come up with my own reasons why I'm staying positive through the rain.
I tried to come up with 10 .... errr, bit of a push that, but I did come up with quite a few!

1. It's sale time in the shops!!!! I'm not a great lover of traipsing round the shops, but its an OK activity when its raining. John Lewis has its usual awesome sale and I got all this Amy Butler fabric at half price!!!
2. I did manage to get the lawns mowed during a brief dry spell, and a nicely mowed lawn makes me feel good, even in the rain.
3.Somehow the roses have not been too spoilt by the rain, and seem to be enjoying it... there are plenty of buds still to open.

4. I still have some veggies in the greenhouse that haven't been decimated by slugs in the way all those in the ground have. Maybe a bumper crop of cucumber and butternut squash is awaiting me later in the year.
5. The rain has swelled all the berries and we have a daily feast of strawbewerries, rasperries, tayberries and blackcurrants (provided I don my wellies and raincoat to go and pick them!!)
6. My final positive, I'm afraid, but it's big enough for four!! If you can't get outside, you don't feel guilty about spending loads of time sewing!!!!
I have two aprons to make as presents for two little girls who are expecting a baby brother or sister at the end of July. As baby arrivals are by nature unpredictable I really ought to be prepared, so i've been concentrating on getting these made this week. Roslyn loves purple. The first fabric I bought wasn't purple enough, so I went all out with solid purple and brightened it up with an appliqued flower and ric rac.
The second one is still a work in progress.I'm re-thinking it. I trimmed the pocket in solid pink as I intented to applique the name in pink, but I don't think it will stand out enough. The pocket isn't attached yet, so I think I'm going to re-do it and use turquoise for the contrast and applique instead.
I've made up the pattern as I went along in the hope of being able to share it with you all... just depends whether my IT skills are great enough to be able to convert a drawn pattern to a PDF or not.
We shall see.
In the meantime, if you are having day after day of summer rain too, look for the positives! I'd love to know what your are!!!

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