Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Days

Don't you just love long summer days? I know we all moaned about the cold winter, the late spring (did we actually get one?!) and the fact that we thought summer would never ever arrive, but now it's here I'm enjoying every single moment of it.
I have spent so much time outdoors and eaten such extravagant portions of home grown fruit over the last few weeks that my vitamin intake must surely be super high at the moment.
I love being in the garden, tending my little veggie plot (all organic of course!)

Harvesting the crops is a major daily job at the moment.
I have eaten a lot of freshly picked produce for the last few weeks and my neighbours and family are probably getting a little tired of being offered what I can't eat or freeze. First it was the raspberries, now it's the mange tout.

and next week I think it will be the redcurrants and the courgettes.
With the slowing of pace that hot sunny days bring, not a lot of sewing or knitting is getting done.
I'm looking after this little guy again for my son and his fiancee whilst they are away, too.

By the time we've been for our morning walk a long cool rest is needed (well actually it's only me that needs the rest. He's ready for more action!
But I am managing a little sewing, sitting under the patio umbrella. It's not what you would expect.....

I'm using felt, and wadding, and pelmet vilene and embroidery thread.....
Can you guess what it is ? I do hope so, because I haven't got time to start over!

It's pizza! Felt pizza! It's not finished yet, I'm going to add toppings of course - mushrooms, peppers, maybe even a few olives. Mmmmmn, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
And why am I making felt pizza?
My daughter-in-law gets to teach a new year group next term - kindergarten. That's reception to us Brits. Unlike in this country, schools in Toronto don't provide as much classroom equipment. The teachers have to get their own, and as she is changing year group she will need a lot of new stuff.
I have a loads of felt stashed away, so I'm putting it to good use. Felt pizzas will be a fun way to introduce simple fractions, and will double up as an imaginative play prop at the same time.
I bought the pattern on Etsy and hopefully when it's finished it might look something like this, minus the board, cutter and accoutrements.

Finished photos next week hopefully. Enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!


  1. Your pizza looks amazing ... good enough to eat :)

    I soo miss redcurrants, our neighbours growing up grew them and we used to help them pick them ... I still frequently use them in cooking, brings back memories of my childhood.

  2. The garden looks amazing .... I have to go buy pizza for tea now ~ Sarah x

  3. Your veg patch looks lovely. Ours has rather lot if weeds, it's supposed to be the husband's part of the garden to take care of but he's not vey good at keeping on top if them. The pizza is fabulous, I'm sure the children will get a lot of fun from it.

  4. Your garden looks lovely I always think redcurrants look so pretty, mine are still green but I have had a lovely crop of blackcurrants and have just made some blackcurrant syrup it tastes lovely. Long may the sunshine last! :)

  5. I love your commentary and your photos, Julie! Your garden is beautiful! Your days sound joy-filled and productive! And your creativity is abundantly clear in your pizza making! That kindergarten class is very lucky! They will love it! And no doubt will try to eat it! :)
    ~ Jane S.

  6. Ohh super cute felt food. That seems to be very popular these days. It should be a great big hit for her class.


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