Monday, 28 March 2016

Some Liberty Scrap Busting

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Hello! I hope you've had a very happy Easter break.
Despite the wet and windy weather, I spent as much time as I could digging my new allotment. I've only just taken it on and its thrown all my plans haywire. I didn't expect to reach the top of the waiting list this year, and when I got it,  it was in a serious state of neglect!
It's probably a good thing that it rained as much as it did. Otherwise I would be incredibly sore from digging by now.
When I wasn't busy digging I was having a really rather lovely play with some Liberty fabrics and paper mache shapes in my craft room.
I keep even the tiniest scraps of fabric and they were the perfect choice for these Easter eggs and bunny.
The papier mache shapes were bought from my local Hobbycraft store and I used regular PVA glue to attach the scraps. They were all odd sized pieces, and very small.  I cut down larger fabric scraps to about 1" (2.5cm). Around the top and base of the eggs they were even much smaller than that.

Once completely covered I let the eggs and bunny dry for a while and then checked them over, applying more glue if any little edges had escaped the glue treatment.
The correct name for this type of craft is decoupage.
It was lovely to work so closely with the small squares of Liberty prints, seeing all the tiny details which you sometimes miss when sewing something larger.

I also love how, quite by chance, the rabbit appears to have an eye! He hasn't,  it's just how the pattern  of the fabric falls. But it's quite uncanny that it was totally unplanned and yet happened on both sides of the rabbit!

Of course, this beautiful way of using up those small scraps of fabric isn't just restricted to Easter. You can buy all sorts of different papier mache shapes to cover - hearts, small trinket boxes, initials and a whole host of other animal shapes, both large and small.
I may end up with some Liberty print in every room at this rate!

I hope you had a Happy Easter too!


  1. What a brilliant idea! Love them!

  2. Great idea! Lovely way to use up those pretty Liberty scraps!

    1. Thank you Lucy! I think that rabbit might be multiplying if they've got any left at Hobbycrafts!

  3. I love these items! Lovely to read more about it after having seen them on IG. Such a great use for tiny scraps.

    1. Thank you Abigail. I'm going back to Hobbycrafta later the week to what else I can find to cover!

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  6. You really are very talented and hard working, Julie. Hope the allotment continues to bring you joy x

    1. Thank you, Jen. I've spent so long digging the allotment this weekend that I'm actually grateful it is raining today so I can pursue a more relaxing task!


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