Sunday, 6 March 2016

Quick and Easy Bobble Hat - A Free Pattern

As often happens, this week didn't turn out the way I planned!
I arrived back from a month in Toronto just a week ago. What a wonderful month that was! I was there to visit my new grandson and his very proud mum and dad. Oh dear! I am missing all those baby cuddles right now!
On arriving home I dived into my yarn stash with the idea of knitting something for the baby. I pulled it all out and decided that it definitely needed to be culled and organised.
My son  and his wife follow my beliefs in using natural, organic yarns where possible and in order to buy more yarn, I needed to use up some of the old stuff first.
I decided to use a bag of super chunky weight yarn to make some charity hats.
These are just a few of the ones I've made so far.

I'm going to send them to Knit For Peace. Although it's almost Spring I'm sure they will be welcomed  for refugees.
As usual I made up the pattern to suit my needs. 
I've written up the pattern to share with you. It gives instructions for three sizes:
3 - 6 yrs
6 yrs - teen
I've given instructions for both knitting in the round and knitting flat. Choose whichever is your preferred method. 
You can get the Dropbox link HERE

I was working on the pattern yesterday over a cup of tea when an interesting conversation with my adult son ensued.
He asked what I was making and I said "A hat with a pompom". He said "Oh, you mean a bobble hat" 
"Yes, I suppose I do" I replied.
So I started to wonder which name I should give to the pattern. Hat with Pompom or Bobble Hat?
In the end I decided that he was probably right, but I would love to know which term you would use. Pleased let me know. I might end up changing it!

So, a week ago I thought I was knitting baby clothes. About 7 charity hats and plenty of pattern writing later, I now have a smaller stash, and yes, I think I can justify a little baby yarn purchase, don't you!

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  1. We called these bobble hats when I was a child. But my daughter and her friends call them pom pom hats. I'm not much help, am I?

    1. Well it just shows that either term is good! Thanks Una!

    2. Love the name "Bobble Hat"
      Also, you are very generous in the free pattern, Thank You.


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