Wednesday, 10 April 2013

It's Wishful Wednesday Again!

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Hi, It's Wednesday again, and time for me to share with you the projects I would make if I had all the time in the world.
Did any UK readers watch The Great British Sewing Bee last night? It was so amusing to watch them attempting to make a pair of man's trousers. I think they all did extremely well in the crazily short amount of time given. I love taking part in challenges, but the pressure of the time constraint would totally ruin it for me. It was sad to see Tilly go. She has so much creative energy, but the judges wanted flawless construction as well. Tilly has been putting her design skills to good use though and as well as a tutorial for a skirt on her blog she has a downloadable pattern for this blouse - it's a re-vamp of the blouse she made on the TV show, and so this is number one on my wishlist this week.
Second up is a really really gorgeous afghan.

There is a free pattern for this on Ravelry. It is knit in Noro, so it would be a luxury blanket, to say the least, but oh the pleasure there would be in being surrounded by all that lovely yarn creating those ever changing colour pennants. It would be something to hand down through the generations too, I think.
Third up is more achievable!
A crocheted baby jacket. Isn't this just so cute! I love the different coloured buttons. There is a free pattern for this here. It's from Canadian Living so the instructions will be in US terminology not UK.
Finally, I wish, wish, wish I could start this. They are Farmers Wife Blocks blocks found on Pinterest.
I soooo want to start my Farmer's Wife Quilt, but Amazon really dissappointed me by sending me an email to say my book for the quilt would not be here until Saturday :(
My fabric for it did arrive today today though
It is some more Liberty quilting cotton fat quarters (I have a sizeable stash of these already, but I tend to veer towards the pastels so I needed - yes, needed! - a few brights, and some reds to get enough variety . I shall just have to make do with looking at these until the book arrives!
Till next time........................Julie




  1. Naughty amazon, I hope it arrives soon. I haven't watched the Sewing Bee programmes yet but plan to catch up on iplayer.

  2. Ooh those fabrics look just fabulous! Hope your book arrives soon, have fun when it does and I look forward to seeing your quilt take shape.
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Love your wishful Wednesdays! Always very interesting! and full of ideas! :)


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