Sunday, 28 April 2013

Guthrie Ghani Grand Opening

If you have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee on TV, you are quite likely to know that one of the finalists, Lauren was opening a fabric and haberdashery shop, called Guthrie-Ghani, in Moseley, Birmingham on Saturday. Now Moseley is not too far from where I live, so I went down to join in the celebrations.
Fortunately I got there earlier than I had intended, but even so there was quite a crowd to witness the opening ceremony. A kind lady let me get near enough to take my photo. This is Lauren with her husband Ayaz.
Stuart another contestant was there to help with the cutting of the tape
and then we were less loose on the goodies inside. My goodness! What a treat that was!
Lauren has wonderful taste in her choice of fabrics for her own sewing and that shone through in all stock she had ordered. I didn't know which things to Ooh and Aah over first.
There were drinks and cakes and a delightful large cake decorated with all things haberdashery!
and so many visitors that some had to wait outside until there was space enough to be let in. Tilly arrived and helped Lauren serve and chat to customers.
The shop is beautifully laid out and even has a seating area where you can rest awhile, have a coffee and peruse the patterns. It even has THIS wonderful vintage treadle Singer sewing machine on display!
I remember my gran having one just like this. Funny, it looks smaller than I remember it, as a child. Guess I've just grown taller!

The queue for the till stretched round three walls of the room, but the atmosphere in the shop was so vibrant no-one cared in the slightest! Ermmm, that happens to be ME behind  Tilly with my arms full of books and yarn!
 People had come to visit from far and wide and I was lucky enough to meet up with fellow blogger Gilly from Gilly Makes. It was great meeting Gilly for the first time and she kindly took this photo of me and Ann, who was this year's winner of the Great British Sewing Bee.
Ann is 82 and makes all her own clothes. She has so much energy and enthusiasm and was encouraging everyone to give sewing a go, whether they were 5 or 55.  I want to be like her if I live to 82!!!!
Guthrie-Ghani is going to be a wonderful addition to the fabric shops available in the West Midlands. There is an amazing,  well-lit studio upstairs with beautiful oak beams where a wide range of sewing, quilting and knitting workshops will take place, and if you live too far away to visit, don't worry - they have an online shop too!

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  2. That's a lovely blog post, nice to read about after watching the programme!

  3. I so enjoyed our morning and lovely to see the pics of the bits I missed... like the actual opening!
    I'm heading back on Thursday with my cousin :-)
    Have a lovely week,

  4. Glad you had a lovely time. I was pleased Ann won, her work was so precise.

  5. I'm so jealous it all looks fab, I missed the grand opening as I was away at the seaside but as a fellow Midlander I'm certainly going to pop over to Moseley soon and take a look ... Sarah x

  6. Hello I found you via 'Gilly makes' blog....well what a lovely time you had so so exciting to meet all the contestants too wow....wish i lived nearer a shop like that...
    bestest wishes to you and yours
    daisy J


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