Friday, 5 October 2012

Quilting for Project Linus

If you've been following my BlogtoberFest posts this week you'll know that i'm making a quilt for Project Linus this month.
It's totally scrappy and most of the fabric has been donated to me. Whilst I've been cutting up the little squares of fabric needed for the quilt I've been thinking a lot about Project Linus, the children who receive the quilts and the co-ordinators who liase with the hospitals or refuges to distribute the quilts.
Project Linus was started in 1995 in the United States with the mission to provide comfort, love and a sense of security to children who are seriously ill, traumatised, or otherwise in need.
The project takes its name from the character in the comic strip Peanuts who was always seen clinging ti his security blanket.
In the UK there are several Regional Centres where donated quilts are collected and distributed to local children in need. I know the quilts received in my area go to Heartlands hospital in Birmingham, a teenage unit in Moseley and Charles House care home among other places.
The quilt I am making is not specifically for a child. It could easily be given to an older child or teenager and would last them into adulthood.
Whilst thinking about the project I coincidentally got an email notification from Amazon this morning advertising a book which is due to be published in a few weeks time which is all about Project Linus.
The book Quilt it With Love has several projects to make and tells some heartwaming stories about the children who have received quilts in the past. The projects are fun and vibrant and would cheer any child. Many have hidden extras like little pockets or double up as a game, but others are simple enough for a beginner to make.
Needless to say, the book is now on my Amazon Wishlist, and I look forward to making a really fun quilt for Linus in the near future.

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