Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Knitted Vegetable Garden

A few days ago, I took myself off for a day out o a garden show at the NEC Birmingham. I admired the gardens, decided on the plants I wanted to buy .... and then I stimbled upon this!! Yes, another garden - but this one was knitted!! All of it!! The path, the plants.the grass - even that amazing cockerel. Now this isn't a miniature garden, this is lifesize!
It was created by a craft group called Creative Moments from Birmimgham. It took 70 knitters 8000 hours to make (that's over 100 hours per person!)

They don't have a website unfortunately, but I'm sure you'll agree they are one talented bunch of people.
Can you spot that snail trying to decide where to have dinner.
There are peas growing up the wigwam, with espalier pears in the background.
These sunflowers are a lot taller than mine. And, finally, I've left my favourite till last. Isn't this just the cutest blue tit you have ever seen.


  1. that is so cool!!! It all looks so real!!

    ps. Started my first bunny yesterday ;) I can't wait to show you!!!

  2. And I can't wait to see him (or her!)


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