Monday, 18 June 2012

Colour Therapy

Here in the UK we have had, what seems like, weeks and weeks of rain. We've had torrential storms with high winds, we've had times where the rain has just set in for the day, and we've had days where the weather just plain teases you with 20 minutes of sunshine, making you believe you can get outside and enjoy it, only to drench you as soon as you've gone 5 minutes down the road!
Like most other people I'm totally fed up with it. For garden lovers it's a disaster - what isn't rotting in the ground is being eaten by slugs! So this weekend I decided that if I couldn't have sunshine, then at least  I would have colour - and lots and lots of it!!
I have started on another quilt pattern for MackandMabel on Etsy.
I have had my eye on this particular Jelly Roll for a while now.

It's called Trade Winds by Moda. Of course I should have known that if I liked it, then so did a lot of other people too, so by the time I came to buy it, a lot of online shops  had sold out. In the end I did manage to get one at my local quilt store, The Cotton Patch in Hall Green, Birmingham, and at the time of writing this, they still had them in stock on line.
These strips are just so lovely and bright and full of the sunshine that is missing from our part of the world at the moment...... and what is even better... you don't need to apply sunscreen to enjoy them!!


  1. one of these days I might just have to start quilting...

  2. I have to warn you..... it's addictive!

    1. any worse than knitting? :) I'll let you know if/when I decide to start. I may need some beginner's guidance!!!


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