Thursday 5 March 2015

Mother's Day Mug Rug

Today I'm happy to say that I'm a guest blogger over on the Simply Solids Blog
When Justine asked me to make something for the beginning of March, I realised that it was only a couple of week"s away from Mother's day, so a gift for a Mum seemed to be the obvious choice.
I love making Mug Rugs. They're bigger and therefore more useful than a simple coaster, but not so big that you only bring them out of special occasions. They're the perfect size for a cake and a cuppa!
The background is a simple 2x3 grid of low volume fabrics. I've provided full scale pattern pieces, ready reversed which you can trace onto iron-on adhesive  (I used Bondaweb) 

Cut them out

Trace the wording ready to embroider

Iron them onto the background

Sew around with a zig zag stitch and add a little embroidery.

And finish as you would a normal quilt.
I went a little over the top with the quilting...straight lines, just over a 1/4" apart! Yes, I was having fun. There were of course a lot of ends to sew in, but with a Clover Easy Thread needle where you just pull the thread in at the top rather than having to thread it, the job wasn't too bad.

Of course you don't have to embroider the word "Mum" you could  make one for a friend., or even for yourself! You can trace any name onto the mug band. Just make sure there's a nice edible treat to go with it!

Do pop over to Simply Solids Blog for full details of how to make it. You can also download the instructions  with full size pattern pieces as a printable PDF HERE


  1. What a gorgeous idea, Julie! Not sure Rosie could manage this on her own yet, I'd better send her back to Jen's for another weekend so they can make me one ;-)

    1. I'm sure Jen would love that! It's probably a lot easier than you think, especially if she hand embroidered the pieces down, rather than a machine zig zag stitch. Even a running stitch would do the job.

    2. Send her back! Yes please! We could make loads :)

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  3. This is so adorable! I quite often applique over the top of quilting. I don't know if it's the right thing to do but it always works out just fine for me so that's what I do now. I'm curious about the Clover needle though, I must look into that!

  4. I love my Clover easy threading needles Sarah. They come in a pack of assorted sizes and make the job SO much easier!

  5. It's lovely how cute, I would love one of those, I must show my daughter haha. :) xx

    1. There's nothing to beat a good hint when Mothers Day is approaching !!

  6. It would have been perfect just with the cuppa but adding that cute little birdie is inspired! Love it :)


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