Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Itch To Stitch

You know that feeling you get sometimes.....You have loads of projects you could be getting on with. Should be getting on with! But you have an overwhelming desire to start something else, something new. Well for me, that something this weekend, was some embroidery.
I used to do loads of it. I have an enormous stash of threads! (not very tidily stored, I might add!)

I knew I needed to re-discover the joy of selecting the colours, of stranding the thread, and listening to the quiet whisper of my needle as it goes in and out, in and out, forming those tiny stitches.
 I was wondering what I could  embroider, when, as luck would have it, I came across some Instagram photos of a Stitch Along on  Lilipopo's blog.
She is such a talented lady. As well as the drawing the pattern of this adorable little girl and her lists, she has a detailed photo tutorial suggesting stitches for the embroidery and which colour threads to use.
Before I knew it, I was downloading the pattern and tracing it onto some quilting weight cotton. I used to use even weave linen, but I didn't quite have a big enough piece of the colour I wanted, so I used quilting weight cotton instead. I traced the pattern onto my fabric with a Frixion pen. It's easy to get a nice fine line with this pen. Some people say that you can sometimes still see the lines, when you iron over them to make them disappear, but I've never had a problem.

It was such a joy to sit quietly and just stitch, purely for the sake of it. I had no plan in mind for the finished piece, I was just enjoying the process.

I love the simplicity of the back stitched outlines, the texture in the hair, and the pompom on the hat.

I only have the legs, boots and lists left to do now. I shall be sad when I've finished.


  1. I recognised that instantly as a Lilipopo pattern - they are just adorable aren't they. Sometimes it is so nice to rediscover another craft.

  2. It's lovely, so sweet, I used to love to embroider too, wouldn't it be nice if we could just sit and craft all day then we could have a go at everything :) xx

  3. That is so expertly sewn. I love the bobble.

  4. It is really lovely - love her designs and this looks great!

  5. This is lovely, Julie! After your summer of sewing for the wedding, I'm sure you deserve to do something for yourself...

  6. Just love it! Your embroidery is so even....not something I'm good at.

  7. Beautiful job! I think the little pompom is my favorite part!

  8. oh she is super cute - I might feel another embroidery itch coming on!

  9. This is really beautiful Julie! I love embroidery too and I've been doing mine on a rare night in front of the telly. I think it's really important to make time for slower pastimes too and I glad you got to make her, she's gorgeous!


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