Monday, 28 April 2014

A Gripping Yarn

For the knitters amongst you - if you have 30 minutes spare to listen to a fascinating radio programme about knitting, then read on!
I only just found out about this so you need to be quick! The programme is called A Gripping Yarn and  you can listen on i-Player, but it is only available for the next 2 days.
You can listen to radio programmes on i-Player all over the world (as far as I know, it's only the TV 
i-Player programmes that are limited to the UK)
They talk about the rise in popularity of knitting, how many of us hated the knitted items we were made to wear as kids (something I can relate to!!), the social aspect of knitting, guerrilla knitting, knitting as therapy and even a Reality TV knitting programme in Scandinavia!

Go on, have a listen, it's a very entertaining and thought provoking half hour!

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