Friday, 21 February 2014

Bunting for Baby Connie

Ten days ago a very precious baby was born into our family - Connie Hope. Her heart had not grown properly and her young parents knew there was a long road ahead of them. Despite being shifted from one hospital to another, and waiting a long time for the first operation, this little girl had her first major heart surgery yesterday, and all went as planned.
As soon as she was born, I set to work making some bunting for her. I pulled all my favourite organic fabrics and chose the colours I knew her Mum and Dad would love. Fortunately, when I saw them at Christmas, they had told me the colours of the nursery, so I knew which ones to pick. I didn't have the right organic solid for the lettering, so I had to choose some Sketch that went well. A little disappointing for me, I would have loved it to be entirely organic, but that will be the very last thing on their minds right now!
I had a fun day cutting and fusing the letters.

Sewing them in place with a zig zag stitch

and adding the tape.

I made two separate strings as Constance is so much longer than Hope, and it just wouldn't balance well if I joined it all together.

I also made the strings ridiculously long !!

They will spend the next month in a guest room provided by the hospital, whilst little Connie recovers in intensive care. I'm guessing it's not a very homely looking place, so this is something to brighten the room and remind them that she is not far away. When they get home, they can shorten the ties to suit wherever they hang it.
This little girl still has a long road ahead of her, but hopefully I'm going to be able to make a lot more items for her in the future.
I have a tutorial for making the bunting here


  1. Thanks for sharing Connie's story, I hope your precious little girl heals well and quickly - and I'm sure this lovely bunting will remind her parents how much she is loved.
    Lovely to bump into you last Sunday - hope you enjoyed the show. Have a lovely weekend,

  2. What a wonderful gift. It's such a lovely idea that Connie's parents can hand the bunting in the room at the hospital.

  3. what a gorgeous idea - something portable but decorative :-) So glad that the first operation went well.

  4. What a wonderful gesture for little Connie and I hope it brings some comfort to her parents at this very difficult time xx

  5. This is the perfect gift to brighten Connie Hope's room. Lovely.

  6. What fabulous bunting! Hoping the coming days go well.

  7. What a beautiful,beautiful name. And what beautiful bunting. I send the gentlest wishes to you all.

  8. What a fabulous gift, and so thoughtful too. Sending my very best wishes for Connie, her parents and the rest of the family. It's so very hard when such a precious little bundle has to go through something like this, I hope it's a smooth road ahead.

  9. What a lovely idea, I'm sure Connie's parents will be pleased to have something so pretty to lift the room. I hope the following days go well and Connie recovers as quickly as possible from the operation.


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