Monday, 28 October 2013

Little Christmas Stockings Knitting Pattern

So, it's Monday, and as I promised, here is the pattern and tutorial for making these sweet little Christmas stockings.
These are EASY!! They are knit flat on 2 needles, use just oddments of yarn and all that complicated looking pattern and hearts and stuff - it'd just sewn on afterwards! It's called duplicate stitch and there is a complete photo tutorial in the pattern.
The stockings measure about 14cm (5 1/2") tall using DK yarn, but you could use whatever you had to hand. A finer yarn and they'll be a bit smaller, thicker yarn and they are bigger.
To download the pattern just click here.
You can also find it in the Knitting Patterns section along the top bar so you don't have to search through all my posts if you want to find it again

Once you've followed the duplicate stitch tutorial, you'll be able to make up all sorts of your own designs, but to start you off there's a helpful little grid in the pattern

You can of course leave them plain, with just the heel and toe contrast.

Or knit some with stripes.

Instructions for a little hanging loop are also included.

If you want to add them to a wreath, it's very quick and simple.
You will need:
5 knitted stockings
A wreath
18" (1/2 metre) ribbon
Buttons in random shapes, sizes and colours
Needle and thread
Glue Dots

The stockings are sewn onto the wreath through the twigs. Its a good idea to do this with it hanging somewhere, even if its only a door handle, so you see how they naturally fall, and can arrange them accordingly.
Make 2 loops with the ribbon - you don't need to make the knot as the centre is covered by a button. Secure the loops with a couple of stitches and hen sew to the wreath.
Attach the buttons with Glue Dots. The thick type are the best. They are sometimes known as 3D Glue Dots or Pop-Up Glue Dots and you will find them on the scrapbooking aisle of any good craft store.
They are easy to use, you don't have to wait for messy glue to dry and you can adjust the angle that the buttons are facing.

I hope you like this pattern and have fun using it.
If you're not a knitter, fear not - the next tute is for sewn Christmas bunting!!
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  1. Ooooo, I don't knit, Julie, but if I did, I'd be knitting these charmers in a heartbeat! Clever lady :)

  2. So cute! If I only knew how to knit!

  3. This is just too lovely! I knitted some wee stripey stockings last year, so I'm going to look them out and turn them into a wreath too - thanks for sharing the idea.
    Have a good week,

  4. Absolutely adorable! I'm already in holiday knitting mode, and stockings and these ornaments are high on the list. Love your idea of adding them to a wreath, I just may have to try that.

  5. Fabulous makes, thanks for sharing the pattern. When i knit them i'll link up to your blog

    Ali xx

  6. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern :)

  7. These are great! I've been looking for something exactly like these. Thanks for sharing your idea.


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