Friday, 20 September 2013

Swoon Progress

Pin ItI've been making good progress with my Swoon blocks this week.
Having completed 5 blocks, I had just 4 left to make, so I set up a little production line.

I cut out all the pieces for the final four blocks and paired up all the squares for the half square triangles. There are a LOT of HSTs in four blocks!!

Then I marked all the diagonal lines for the half square triangles.

I chain pieced the seams.............Still feeling pretty pleased with myself here.

Don't they look pretty, strung up like bunting, waiting to be cut apart and pressed flat. All is still going well....

Then I did the same for the flying geese units. I'm imagining four finished blocks pretty soon....
The geese went well too, and then I came to piece the blocks.Take your time, Julie. Do them one at a time - don't rush them..... But, from this point on NOTHING went right! Points didn't quite match up to my satisfaction. I unpicked and re-sewed. I pressurised a few seams into submission. There is nothing quite like a hot iron to show then who is boss.
I finally laid the block out ready to photograph it, when I realised I had sewn one of the thirds on the wrong way round! I din't have a star in the centre, I just had this weird shape!! I really wish I had gone ahead and photographed it. It certainly would have given you a good laugh!
So, back to the seam ripper, and finally I had block #6

I can't face the other three for a few days. Fortunately it's supposed to be a dry weekend, so some gardening will be just the distraction I need before resuming progress on these next week.
I hope you have a good weekend, too :-)


  1. Funny how (with all quilts, really) the first block is so fun and then the last couple are a chore!

  2. Still loving these, Julie! Those blues are so peaceful and you make the block so well :)

  3. It looks lovely Julie! And well worth the effort! Have you seen the tutorial for making 4 flying geese at once - I put it to the test and it was fab (I shall have to find it for you). Also, have you heard of a Bloc Lock? My friend Chrissie (made by Chrissie D) swears by them for flying geese. They are quite pricey but I think quite useful. Anyway, this block is gorgeous, and I love the colours. I hope you got to enjoy the garden this weekend too :-))

  4. That's a great way to do it. I've had enough of triangles after my recent City Sampler blocks! Good for you sticking with it...I think that once something goes wrong it usually turns to more my case anyway!! It's going to look lovely when finished though :)


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