Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Social Side

I seem to be flaunting my social side at the moment!
Over the last few weeks I've joined a quilting bee AND a quilt-a-long.
I was thrilled to be invited to join the The Quilting Bee by Maria over at sew love to sew 
and of course said "Yes"
The Bee is made up of 6 of us

Maria @ sew love to sew
Fran @ PatchyRose 
Sarah @ Quilt Candy 
Glinda @ Glinda Quilts 

and we are making one strip each. The finished quilt will be 40" wide and we can choose to make five 8"blocks or eight 5" blocks or whatever else will fill that width.
This is my finished strip

It's a disappearing pinwheel block using a couple of Amy Butler Soul Blossoms prints that I had in my stash. 
It is refreshingly liberating to start a quilt that you have no pre-conceived ideas about, as to overall colour or what room it is intended for.

My second social venture is a Swoon Along! 
It is being organised by Sarah @ Fairy Face Designs
I watched Katy's Swoon along take the quilt blogging world by storm last year and regretted that I didn't join in then. This time I'm on the ball! It only started yesterday, so if you fancy playing along, follow the link and join us!

FairyFace Designs

Finally, I have some finishes to share with you.
If you are a regular follower, you will know I am stash busting my knitting yarn oddments this year by making baby items for  Greenfields Africa
I challenged myself way back in January to make 52 items (one for each week of the year) using only oddments from my stash (I'm including fabric stash too). well, we are half way through the year at the end of this week, so I should have 26 items. With the 2 fabric blankets I finished yesterday, along with a couple of knitted items from earlier in the month, I've made it - just!

These bring my year total exactly up to 26 items.

Phew! That bundle is quite big! By the time it gets to December this parcel will need a sizeable box indeed! But my otherwise not very useable stash will be zapped and a few more babies will be wrapped in something other than rags.
Right now, I'm off to choose the fabrics for my Swoon.
Have a good week! 


  1. Hooray for a finished Bee strip!! Though frankly, you are a very busy bee all round! I'll enjoy watching the swoon along.

  2. It's great that you joined the bee. I love your strip, I saw it on Flickr last night and then lay in bed thinking about what to add as I'm next to add to your strip. I've not heard of a disappearing pin wheel before.
    The knitting project looks great and for a wonderful cause.
    I'm now off to look at the swoon along details...........

  3. Some lovely stash items there. I'm always amazed at what can be made from one ball of wool.

  4. What a lovely thing to be part of you must be so proud of your amazing stash of baby goodies x

  5. Love the strip, Julie! This is exciting ... can't wait to see what happens with them all :)


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