Sunday, 24 March 2013

Knitted Daffodils

I've been having fun.... playing.... designing a little pattern for daffodils. I started it over a week ago. Spring was, well, not exactly "in the air", but maybe round the corner, and so I felt in the mood to make these. Now we are back in the throws of winter and the real daffodils in my garden, which were just about to burst into bud are now buried beneath drifts of snow.
I have added these to the Etsy and Craftsy shops and hopefully I'll feel inspired to design some more flowers soon.
I've also been busy with my Stahbuster Challenge and have made a couple of hats.
I'm still on target with my 52 items in the 52 weeks of 2013 for Greenfields Africa . I'm sure I will get behind at some point, but I'm nearly a 1/4 of the way there now, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.
On Thursday I went to The Sewing For Pleasure show at the NEC Birmingham. I'm so pleased I chose Thursday - before all the snow came down! It was a lovely day out. So much colourful fabric and scrummy yarn, all under one roof!
I was fairly restrained in my purchases though.
I bought a dress pattern and some dotty fabric (I hope we get some warm enough weather for me to wear it!) I didn't intend to buy a dress pattern, but they were "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" and as I'd gone with my son's girlfriend, who wants me to teach her to dressmake, we split the pattern deal between us.
I bought both charm squares aand a jelly roll in Sweetwater's Noteworthy line. Although we had made a pact that we "just looked" first time round the hall, and did our buying on the second lap, I'm so glad I broke the rule and bought these first time round. A lot of stallholders were on their second show in two weeks and stock of the really popular pre-cuts was thin on the ground. These would almost certainly have been out of stock by the afternoon. I also bought some of the Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks. Again stock was low and I couldn't get all the sizes I wanted, but these will do me for now. They really are very gentle on your hands. I hat having to go back to a standard hook now.
Overall, it was a good show. I came back with my head spinning with ideas. I was tired, but happy, and now it can snow as much as it wants to. I'm more than happy staying cosy inside, having a battle with my conscience - do I finish the Bee in my Bonnet Row Along quilt that I started late last summer?
 Or maybe the charity quilt I've so nearly finished?
Or do I break open that jelly roll and do some more playing!! Decisions.... decision... life is hard!..
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  1. I can vouch for the Clover soft touch crochet hooks. I have only one of those but I use it much more than the others in my collection.

  2. Fabulous! I'm off to see if I can persuade my MIL to knit us some daffodils :-)

  3. OOh beautiful blooms - such a burst of colour in all this snow!
    have fun with your crafty finds

    1. Yes, I think a lot of us are going to need knitted daffodils. The real ones are buried under the snow!

  4. I find shows bittersweet because I get so inspired and want to make ALL THE THINGS but never have enough time or money! I'm glad you had fun and love the daffs too.

  5. All the projects are wonderful, Julie!!!
    And the daffodils are like the real beautiful!


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