Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stash Challenge Nos 3, 4 & 5

This crocheted blanket is my third item in my stash buster challenge. It has been a mammoth undertaking. It is made almost entireley from oddments of sock yarn
Now why would I do that, I hear you ask. I seriously asked myself the same question many times during it's creation, especially once at the end of a whole day (yes, a whole day - when I should have been doing a mountain of other things!!) of crocheting squares together and sewing in ends. I got to the end of that day only to find that it still only measured 36" and Greenfields Africa really like thier blankets to be 39". Hence the gold border.
The only reason I made this blanket was because during the stash sort I found about 6 squares already completed from a previous mad moment when I had decided to make something (I have no idea what!) made of sock yarn granny squares.What was I thinking! And so, as someone who hates to throw anything away, I decided it was time those squares grew up and left home as a completed blanket. It is not an experience I shall repeat in a hurry.
I do have a similar few orphan squares that I found , but at least they are double knit yarn so their progression to a completed blanket should be a whole lot quicker!
Lets move onto projects 4 and 5....... These are both baby hats. Both made from some really luxurious 4 ply merino, and both a boring dark colour that needed brightening up with a few stripes.
But that after all is the purpose of my challenge - use what I have, to the best of my ability, so make useful items for Greenfields Africa, so to that end they fit the bill perfectly!
So, it's almost the end of week 5 of 2013 and I have successfully managed to complete 5 stash buster projects (and number 6 only needs sewing up and photographing!) so I'm well on schedule!
I must confess to being a little "knitted out" so I think there will be some sewn challenge items appearing in February, especially as I keep thinking about the little children from a photo in my previous post and their worn through jeans!
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  1. It really was a huge undertaking making this blanket with sock yarn. Wow! But it was worth the effor because it is really pretty!!! and for such a worthy cause... Congratulations!!!

  2. Well done Julie, that blanket is beautiful and I love the little hats too :)

  3. Wow I admire your staying power with the blanket - lovely colours though - and all for a good cause.

  4. Am really enjoying reading about your scrap busting/chariy projects. You have some great causes you are working for. And that blanet should count for a couple weeks worth of work, I'd say:)

  5. Fabulous blanket! Well done.

  6. Oh wow, that took a lot of patience. I'm scared of all the ends I imagine you had to weave in... but it turned out beautifully!


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