Saturday, 29 October 2016

It's Been Way Too Long

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What can I say? I guess if you have followed this blog in the past you will have thought I had given up on it. I wouldn't blame you.
Truth be told, I have been on a 6 month photography course that I have poured my heart and soul into. And it's just finished!

The course was recommended to me by my daughter-in-law. She had heard of it through her own online market place communities and had heard extremely good reports. 
It's not just any old photography course. Its specifically a product photography course for designers and makers.
100 lessons that you can work through at your own pace over 6 months. 
Well as someone who had bought a DSLR camera in order to photograph products but hardly knew which way was up, my pace was very slow!

The course is run by the most patient teacher ever, Lyndsey James.

You can find it here

We covered a lot more than just photography skills. We looked at defining our customer, product styling, using props, and creating sets.
On more than one occasion my neighbour came over intrigued as to why I was sawing and painting wood in the garage. And probably even more intrigued when I told him!!

Lyndsey is a natural teacher. She encouraged when needed, found different ways to explain things if we didn't understand and was always there for us in the online forum, no matter how busy she was with other students.

We learned to tell stories with our photos.

To get ourselves in the shot without anyone as an assistant.

How to master creative blur.

Cosy festive shots and a whole lot more.

Now all those ideas spinning around in my head can begin to become a reality. I can hopefully get the shots to do them justice.

I have learned so much, but I'm fully aware that I'm only at the start of the journey. A lot of the photos in my patterns, both knitting patterns and quilting ones, now need re-doing.
That will be a mammoth job!

So, you can expect to see me back here much more regularly. I already have a new knitting pattern and tutorials that are almost finished.
The quilt patterns will come next. I'm prioritising knitting at the moment. Firstly because its the right time of year to cosy up with needles in hand and secondly because its also the right time of year to get photographs of my grandson modelling my creations!

Quilting may be on hold for the moment, but its only temporary, I promise!.


  1. The course sounds really interesting, I would love to be able to take a great photo, yours look very professional I'm looking forward to seeing more. :) x

    1. Thank you Linda. Although it was time consuming, it was worth every moment!


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