Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Few Works in Progress


Although I have been making good progress on my La Passacaglia this week, I have no new pictures to share. Instead I'm taking a look at some of the other works that I have in progress. (Yes, There are a few!)
I joined the Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Along hosted by Lori Holt from Bee in My Bonnet and based on her latest book Farm Girl Vintage.


The quilt along only started a couple of weeks ago so there is plenty of time to catch up. if you want to join in. We are working through the blocks in the book and each Friday Lori posts both a 12" and a 6" version of the blocks along some extra ideas. Search the hashtag #farmgirlfridays on Instagram or Facebook to see what everyone has been making.
These are the two blocks I made last week.


I've actually got a little ahead of schedule and made this Friday"s blocks already. Part of my reason for taking part in this quilt along was to improve my accuracy on small 6" blocks. I'm getting better!!
Here they all are together. I'm really pleased with how this is coming along

I've also joined another quilt along based on this wonderful pattern in the latest Special Edition of Quiltmania.


The Disney "It's a Small World" ride holds happy memories for me.
We took the boys to Euro Disney many years ago and the youngest was not big enough to go on many of the rides. My (now "late") husband took the older two on the thrillers whilst I took the youngest one round. As soon as we came out of this ride, when asked what he wanted to go on next, it was this ride again!!So we re-joined the queue. We must have gone on this ride at least 6 times, and he would have gone for another 6 if he'd had the choice! We laugh about it often.

I had actually purchased the pattern and started mine before the quilt along started, but I put it on hold for a little while as its more fun quilting in (virtual) company, right?
The quilt is made in 6 sections. I had done the sky for section 1, but then found that my stash was sadly lacking in small scale prints in a deep grey. for the skyscrapers. A few purchases later and its in full progress again. I hope to add some photos soon.

And finally, I joined a Hand Pieced Mini Swap on Instagram.
This is the design I'm making for my (secret) partner.


The hexagons are 2" on each side, so the pieces within them are fairly small, but good fun to make.
I'm not overly comfortable working with the colours that she prefers, but then that is why I joined in the first place - to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone!

It's a long weekend here in the UK and I don't think the weather forecast is very summery, so I won't be short of things to do!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.uilt


  1. Loving both of these! I went to Disneyland for the first time last year and was only permitted to go on Small World once (although that didn't stop me from humming the song for the rest of the trip). I can't imagine riding it six times in a row, though!

    I came here from the Let's Bee Social link-up, and wanted to invite you to one we host called Crafty Comment Karma. It goes up each Friday and is open for the entire week to any crafty, quilting or sewing links! I hope you'll come join us:

  2. I really like the mixing bowls block and the chick one too. Great work. Debbie

  3. Such inspiring work you do Julie! I LOVE the way you staged the photos of your Farm Girl blocks and they all look really sweet. "My Small World" is fascinating and I can see why you started that. How fun that you can now progress in virtual company!

  4. You have some really fun and very pretty projects on the go here. It's a treat to see it all happening on IG as you go along. I LOVE that first picture with your Farm Girl blocks and the boots and eggs. FUN! I am amazed at how you can work on so many things at the same time. My memory is poor, so when I return to an unfinished project, I have to spend time getting reacquainted with what I was doing before I can continue.

  5. I really need to get moving on my FGV blocks. I've been swamped with other projects lately. I really like yours! And I think the design for your swap is fantastic!

  6. Good job being ahead on the Farm Girl blocks! I just got caught up with mine today. I really love your mixing bowls.

  7. Such fabulous projects, I love your photos!

  8. Fabby photos, Julie and lots of lovely things you're making :)

  9. Very lovely projects... I like both very much - and both are supposed to be very pretty quilts!

  10. what gorgeous projects Julie. I am jealous of the 'Its a small world' project - looks so fun on IG, but I just didn't have time! And your partner for your secret swap is super lucky!

  11. I love the Farm Girl blocks you've done so far, I really mustn't be tempted with this one too! Must get on with my Small World one.

  12. Esos pequeños y coloridos bloques se ven muy bonitos. Un proyecto interesante.

  13. You and I have very similar tastes. All of the quilts you are mentioning are ones I want to work on too! So many quilts, so little time . . .


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