Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Siblings Together Quilt - A Finish!

Siblings Together is a charity which works to keep children  who have been separated by the care system in contact with their siblings by arranging, among other things, residential camps where the siblings can meet up and enjoy precious quality time together 

I belong to a quilting Bee which makes quilts that are handed to the children at the end of their camp as a reminder of their time spent with their sibling. January was my month and I chose these simple blocks to make a bright quilt that would suit either gender.
Over the past few weeks I've been sewing all the donated blocks together and quilting it.
Yesterday I finished it. Yay! I'm really pleased with the outcome.
I like to use Quilting Bees or charity quilts in general as a chance to try something new, so I chose a new (to me) quilting design. I quilted an offset diamond and then echoed around it at about 1" spacing using my walking foot. If I was doing this again I would use narrower spacing to make the diamond more prominent, but at least it was quick to do.
I have another quilt that I'm in the process of finishing, hopefully in time to be sent off along with this one.
The Siblings Together charity are hoping to be able to donate 100 quilts at this year's summer camps. I have a "Quiltometer" in the side bar of my blog, and as you can see, we still have a long way to go!
If anyone reading this would like to help, we would be enormously grateful.
You could help by:
  •  Donating a quilt
  • Donating one or two blocks to a group quilt
  • Offering to put together a group quilt 
  • Donating some unwanted fabric for someone else to make a quilt if you have fabric but not time
  • Offering to make a quilt with donated fabric
  • Donating fabric for backing or wadding.
  • Spreading the word on social media or to quilting friends or guilds.
  • Any other way you can think of.

If you think you might be interested, Maria who blogs at Sew Love To Sew has written a lovely blog post giving more details about the charity and how to get involved.
It would be lovely if we could meet this target and we would love for as many people as possible to get involved!

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  1. It's gorgeous, Julie, such a lovely, bright quilt. I've been reading blogs on the iPad, while Rosie used my machine! She has just finished adding the binding to a quilt which Jennifer gave her - a complete quilt kit to make - when we met up last summer. Rosie and I are off to visit Jen in Wales for the weekend, so great motivation to get the quilt finished :-)

    1. Thank you, Fran. So, you've lost your sewing machine! It must be lovely having a shared hobby, though. Have a wonderful time at Jen's :-)

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  3. It's beautiful Julie, they will be so grateful to receive it, my group have made things for them too and they are always very well received. :)

    1. Thank you, Linda. That's good to hear. It's always nice to get feedback

  4. It's a bright fun quilt and for such a great cause!

  5. Thank you Cynthia. It's fun to make a bright and simple quilt.

  6. Fantastic quilt and for a special cause. I send them the occasional knitted item, but nothing as splendid as this!

    1. Thank you Una, Yes it is a great cause. I have a niece who has adopted 2 children from a family of 4 siblings, so its a charity dear to my heart.

  7. Beautiful quilt and for such a worthy cause. I'd like to help this year so I might try and rope Fran and Rosie into starting a quilt with me this weekend :)

  8. The bee quilt looks fantastic. It's amazing how all the bee quilts turn out so well considering we're using our own fabrics.
    I think we won't be far off the total as since our push in the last few weeks I've heard about lots of quilts in the process of being made and people are gaining interest again.

  9. It looks great Julie - really effective x


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