Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sew Busy!

It's May already! and I have been so busy sewing, that I have neglected my blog! I have been making a dress for a wedding I go to in two weeks time. I bought the fabric in plenty of time, I just didn't start making it early enough.
April is a busy month in the garden when you try to grow a lot of your own fruit and veg, and trying to fit dressmaking in around it all was not easy. 
A few weeks ago I took a Craftsy course in Pattern Making Basics. I learned such a lot, and although I haven't yet made anything from my own drafted patterns, I do understand fit a lot better than I previously did. I ended up making 2 muslins for this dress before I was happy with the fit, and I don't think I'll ever just make the closest size to mine again! I now understand my body size a whole lot better too. Parts of me are a UK size 8 and others a 14!! so no wonder I was previously often disappointed my results.
This one is still not quite right, but it's certainly a better fit than I could have bought in a shop.
The pattern is New Look 6069 and the fabric a lightweight cotton.

Trying to take a full length photograph of yourself is not an easy thing to do, so feel free to have a good laugh at this attempt. I shall have to invest in a tripod and an automatic timer!

There are some nice details on this dress - little gathers at the top of the bodice along with petite cap sleeves

 and little buttons down the front. They are purely decorative, the dress has a zip opening at the back.

I chose the fabric as it went so well with a jacket that I already have.

Now all I need to do is make a little clutch bag to go with it, and I'm all set.

Actually, that's not true. I go to Toronto for this wedding, and as I often go in May, I know it can get very hot, and my summer wardrobe is very sparse. In my head I'm making another dress, a skirt and two tops before I get on that plane!! Not sure all that lot will get done, but if I'm not blogging much, you know what I'm doing!

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  1. A very successful dress project. It fits you perfectly and matches your jacket so well.

  2. Brilliant, it looks perfect, especially the match with the jacket. Have a great trip!

  3. Wow you did brilliantly Julie! How wonderful to say 'I made it' when you get lots of comments on your gorgeous dress at the wedding! I hope you get lots of sewing/dressmaking done before you leave but don't put yourself under too much pressure! If I don't get to speak again before then, have a wonderful time in Toronto xx

  4. Well done Julie it has turned out really well and fits you perfectly, you are going to look lovely at that wedding. I bought a dress pattern and some material last summer and hopefully I will get it done sometime soon. I haven't a clue how to change the size to fit my body but because it's a loose fitting style I'm hoping that it will fit reasonably well. :)

  5. well done Julie - how amazing to be able to make a dress that fits so perfectly. Enjoy the wedding :-)

  6. Beautiful dress, it looks perfect. Have a great trip and I hope you get your sewing done!


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