Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Little Paper Piecing

Much as I have really wanted to start some dressmaking with the fabrics I bought and showed you last week, I've been really good and finished off some other projects first.
I have been making paper-pieced birds.

It had seemed such a nice idea at the time, but I had forgotten how long paper piecing takes to do.
Both these birds are from patterns I bought on Craftsy. The songbird in the top photo and the one below, is from the very talented Kristy who blogs at Quiet Play You can find the patterns here and here

I made each pattern twice, one facing each way, and I'm really rather pleased with them! I did question my sanity when I embarked upon that tiny section with the beak in it, but it was actually a lot easier than I imagined. 
I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with paper piecing. I love the precision of it all, and I love the process. You know it's going to work so you just sit back and enjoy it, but patterns as detailed as these can mean there is a lot of bulk at the back of some of the seams, and the back of the work just looks so untidy! And it always takes so much longer than regular piecing,…... which I always forget when I start it! I do think they were worth the time though, don't you? 

Once I'd finished them I embroidered a little eye on each bird.

Project done!

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  1. Definitely worth the time - they are gorgeous! Particularly loving the purple and blue combination. You should link these up to the Paper Piecing Party over at Quiet Play. I know that Kristy would love to see what you've done with her pattern!

  2. Oh wow these are wonderful Julie! Such gorgeous little birds with such small details, you did a fantastic job. Kirsty is so talented too, I agree! They are going to make a very beautiful quilt.

  3. they are gorgeous, I love your fabric choices

  4. Beautiful! Can you teach me some basic paper piecing next weekend please?!?

  5. These birds are so pretty and delightful! You picked such beautiful fabrics and colors!!


  6. So pretty!!!! My favorite is the last one, the fabric is beautiful!!!!! I am a paper piecing addict and it does go a bit faster after awhile. Pre cutting all the pieces before starting to sew helps a lot. Will you be putting these blocks into a quilt?

  7. That is so cute. I have only just started FPP and still doing quilt blocks. I will be trying something pictorial soon though so thanks for the inspiration

  8. Love these little birds! Your fabrics choices are just perfect! They look so sweet!


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