Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Birthday Weekend in Cambridge

I think I said in my last post that I was going away for the weekend. What I didn't say was that it was in celebration of my birthday…….my 60th birthday! Oh my, that has taken a lot of getting used to!
Two of my sons and my soon to be daughter-in-law accompanied me.
We set the tone right away as we arrived at lunchtime and promptly went to Wagamamas for lunch.
The rest of Saturday was spent wandering around the city with plenty of stops for refreshments.

 On Sunday we headed to the river and took out a punt

It wasn't nearly as cold as we had expected and the views were wonderful.

I can hardly believe this was England on 1st December!
We didn't even get cold, although that didn't stop us getting mulled cider afterwards!
In the afternoon we headed to Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property about a 15 minute drive out of Cambridge. We had tickets to see the Winter Lights event in the evening, but wanted to see the gardens in the daylight too.

They were as glorious as everyone had told me they would be. 
In the evening we returned, and were delighted to see that they had been transformed into this:

As fellow blogger Maria said when she spotted my photos on Instagram - there must surely be some quilty inspiration there!

So, I'm back home now, and pondering life at the grand old age of 60. The last 10 years have tested my strength of character, but I think I've come through them stronger and even more in awe of just how wonderful human nature can be.
Almost 10 years ago, when we both just 50, I lost my husband, my soul mate, to acute leukaemia, and you know what? I've survived! In those intervening years I have put my three boys through university and seen them grow into wonderful young men.
One is married and lives in Toronto, Canada and another will marry next year. We are a very close family, and we have always been there for one another whenever needed. They may now be grown up and responsible adults, but they never lose their sense of fun - especially when they are together!!
I am very fortunate indeed!

As well as looking back, I have also been thinking what might in store for the next few years.
I hope to design many more patterns, both quilts and knitting.
I want to make a lot more of my own clothes.
Maybe, just maybe, there might be some grandchildren to sew and knit for?
I also hope to keep growing much more of my own food and reducing the amount of chemicals generally in my home - I'm thinking about starting a second blog about trying to live organically and sustainably. It would be a good place to keep all my healthy recipes too.
And in the short term ? - Well, Yikes! It's December! So many gifts I want to make, so little time. It's going to be busy few weeks, but I have some wonderful memories of a great weekend to speed me on my way, so I'm off to do some sewing!!


  1. Happy Birthday - what a fabulous weekend spent with the people you love most!

  2. Happy birthday, m'dear (60? Really? You don't look it!) and didn't you have a fabby time? Cambridge is beautiful and your photos more than do it justice. What a lovely family you have. I look forward to following your second blog :)

  3. Congratulations on your 60th Julie, it looks like you had a wonderful time. it makes you wonder just where all the time has gone. Today I was talking to my daughter about a coat I was thinking of buying, I said it looks a bit old fashioned I would maybe wear it when I'm in my 50's...and then I stopped and burst out laughing when I realised what I had said, I'm 61 and certainly don't feel like it. Remember 60 is the new 40, that's what I keep telling myself anyway, enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  4. Happy birthday to you. You look amazing. Keeping fit and busy is definitely the way to live.

  5. Congratulations on your birthday, Julie. Looks like you had a great time, and well deserved :-) Many blessings to you!

  6. Happy belated 60th, it sounds like you had a wonderful day with your family.
    I'm 46 in a couple of weeks and it feels like I"m talking about someone else when I say my age!
    Have fun with your Christmas sewing.

  7. Congratulations Julie :-) So glad you had a Happy Birthday.


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