Saturday, 26 October 2013

Making Christmas 2013

What am I going to make for Christmas? There is a blog hop called Making Christmas 2013 where you post about what you hope to make for Christmas, show your finishes and hopefully get encouraged to complete that list!! Full details can be found here
I always try to make a ridiculous amount of things, and new ideas pop into my head all the time. As I see things in shops, I think "But I could make that! and so the list just gets longer and longer!!
Hopefully this blog hop will help keep my list to a sensible length (some hope, but I can always dream!)
So here is my list as it stands at the moment:
1. Tiny knitted Christmas stockings for a wreath.
2. Christmas bunting
3. New Christmas tree skirt
4. Fabric tree decorations
5. A quilted bag
6. Socks
7. A charity quilt

Not completely un-do-able at the moment, but, we'll see how it goes!

1. The knitted stockings are almost done. They are only pinned and Blu Tacked onto the wreath at the moment, as I play around with the idea. It's on the wall over the fireplace and you should have seen the look on my kids faces as they arrived for dinner last night! :Uh oh! Mum's gone totally crazy - it's Christmas in this house already! Now, I'm a person who doesn't decorate until a week before the day, but you can't sew or knit decorations in that space of time, so for a few days at least, it's upon the wall and they can laugh if they want!
I've spent the last week coming up with the pattern for these cute little stockings. They are knit flat on two needles, as I know a lot of people don't like knitting in the round, and the decoration around the top is sewn on afterwards. I'm hoping to have the pattern written up ready to share on the blog on Monday.

 2. Christmas bunting. I'm halfway through a tutorial for this one too. These are the fabrics I'm using. Bit of a red and white theme this year isn't there!

3. New Cristmas tree skirt. I desperately need to make this. The one I have was made in a rush goodness how many years ago and it's not even a very circular circle!!

4. Fabric tree decoration (s). I have lots of ideas for these - loads in fact, all of the "seen in a shop, but don't intend to spend that amount on something I could make myself" variety.

5. A quilted bag. I fancy having a go at the quilt-as-you-go-patchwork-bags class on Craftsy, especially as they show you how to add a leather base. Not sure who it would be for yet.

6. Socks. It's years since I knitted a pair of socks, and I'm not sure if I'll actually get around around to this one, but it's nice to dream, and I think I know someone who would appreciate them :-)

7. Finally, a charity quilt, because a) Christmas is a time of giving and b) I've got a lot of scraps to give!!

So that's my list for next year. Do pop over to the blog hop to see what other people are making and if you like knitting, please come back and download the stocking pattern on Monday.

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  1. Your wreath is wonderful - I will be back for your sweet stocking pattern! I'm also looking forward to your bunting tute and following your list makes. Thank you for linking up with Making Christmas, Janine x

  2. I'm making little stockings as an advent calendar for my two little grandsons. Red Heart has the pattern - no need to make one.

  3. wow Juia that's quite a list and everything sounds great, I will be watching with interest. I know it's going to be last minute with me but once I get the stuff for Syria sent in a couple of weeks I will make a start then, I must do some of those little socks. :)

  4. Am just hunting round blog land for fresh inspiration for birthday present... I seem to have run out of steam!

  5. Fabulous list and the wreath looks great! Looking forward to those tutorials and knitted socks are awesome!!

  6. Looks like quite a doable list! The wreath is very cute!


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