Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Anyone for Tea?

 If you live in the UK, you'll be needing a nice hot cuppa right now to keep you warm. Autumn has certainly arrived and we are all feeling a little chilled.
I have been busy making a block from this book by Sarah Fielke.

A while back, Sarah asked if people might like to make a teacup block or two and send them to her. She is going to make a quilt from everybody's blocks. Would you believe that, other than her Mum, no-one  has ever made her a quilt! Well I had the book so I volunteered to make one.
It started off fairly simple - just cutting wedges off a 4 1/2" block to make the main part of the cup

but then I really struggled with the half square triangles on the side of the saucer. They were cut from templates and I thought I must have cut them wrong. I cut again, I sewed, I unpicked, I sewed again. What I thought would take me an hour, has taken a whole morning! In the end I just made an ordinary half square triangle and trimmed it to the right size. Now, I'm laughing about it - having just this minute searched for and read Sarah's original post  requesting the teacup blocks, I notice she said there's a mistake in the book and the template is wrong!! Why oh why didn't I look for the post first!! 
Never mind, my block is finished and I aim to make a second.

I have also been cutting out the pieces for the remaining Swoon blocks.

I's going to be a bit more blue/grey than I had originally intended, as I didn't quite have enough of the beige fabrics to include them in the remaining blocks. This is what 4 completed blocks look like

I really hope to have this finished very soon. With the weather turning colder, everyone's hugging a quilt round here!

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Have a good week!

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  1. Well what a start... Yours s lovely!

  2. The tea cup block is so cute! And I love your swoons! the blue and gray looks great!

  3. I love the tea cup! How cute is that!? Now I am inspired! I need to add one to my to do list! Love fall!

  4. The teacup is lovely, I've borrowed the book from the library and thought about having a go, glad I've seen your tip about the mistake first!

  5. Your swoon blocks really are delightful, Julie, you make it look so easy ... are they?

  6. Cute teacup! Looking forward to seeing the finished swoon :)


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