Monday, 5 August 2013

More Sewing For Me

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It's not often that I sew for me, it's usually for family, friends or charity, but this is the second thing I've made in a week.
It was a last minute make, another top for my upcoming holiday. I started it at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and had it finished by the time i went to bed!! I do love projects like that.
This is the Sorbetto top by Collette Patterns and it's a free download.
There are so many wonderful things about this pattern - apart from the fact that it's free!!
Firstly, it's very, very simple.
It uses very little fabric - I had an oddment that was perfect for this top.
It's quick to make.
It's a very flattering fit.
It is very easy to embellish with different trims, buttons, or a frill for instance, so you can use the same pattern time and time again and all your tops will look different.

There are no arm or neck facings, just a bias edging, so you can choose to make it match or contrast. I love my contrasting bias edging. I'm so glad I didn't have enough of the main fabric. I might have been tempted to use that. The fabric I used for the edging is an oddment of voile that I had. It's the perfect colour match, but I did wonder if it was going to be sturdy enough. I needn't have been concerned. It was a little tricky to put through the bias maker as it was so flimsy, but after that it worked wonderfully.

Have you ever used a bias maker before? I have to confess to having mine for about a year, and this was the first time I'd used it! It won't be the last, it was so easy to use. You just cut your bias strips, join them together, pass them through the wide end of the gadget and iron them as they come out the other end ready folded - so simple!!

I added three tiny square buttons to the pleated front to complete the look. By tiny, I mean really tiny! These are scrapbook embellishment buttons and less than 1 centimetre in size. 
I think this top might become one of my favourites. Let's hope there is enough summer weather still to come to be able to wear it.


  1. Great top! Must look out for a bias maker...

  2. It's fabulous, well done! Going to pop over and get the pattern too :-)
    Happy holidays - trust you are off somewhere lovely,
    bon voyage

  3. Adorable! I wish I could sew garments. I might need to give it a try.

  4. That looks easy but elegant. The finishing touches are perfect. I had some sewing cut out and ready to sew today, but the house became very chaotic and I couldn't concentrate. I'm hoping for a calmer atmosphere tomorrow.

  5. What a pretty top, you are so clever :)


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