Friday, 12 July 2013

Swoon Block #1

You can't imagine how enjoyable making this block was. Prior to making this, I had been working on something with really small pieces and so to up the scale of things for this block was fun, relaxing and had me smiling from ear to ear!
This block is huge!! It's 24" square and there are only 9 of them in the entire quilt. I'm a ninth of the way there already!
This is my colour palette, two prints used in each block, so most prints will get used twice. I have high hopes for this quilt.

In addition to being fun to make, it also appeals to my frugal side. See my flying geese units all piled up here? (sorry, blue ones only - forgot to photograph the grey ones!)

As I made the geese I sewed a second seam line 1/2" from the diagonal geese construction seam line.....

 so that when I cut the fabric away through the centre of the two lines ............

it gave me a bonus half square triangle unit

And the really, really nice thing about these is that when trimmed they will measure 2 1/2" square, so they're a perfect addition to my bag of jelly roll oddments, and by the time I've made the other 8 Swoon blocks, this little pile

will almost make a baby quilt in itself!

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  1. What a great idea! I am so put off doing things that waste a bit of fabric every time, but I'll definitely try your way! Love the finished block, great colours :-)

  2. This is lovely. Beautiful, calm colour scheme. I thought of joining but must finish some other projects before starting another.
    Your strip has just arrived. Looking forward to adding too it.

  3. How pretty. And I love that you don't waste fabric...I am extremely frugal...

  4. Great tip, Julie, just cutting some 'excess' triangles off my latest quilt and was going to throw them away ... shock, horror!!

  5. I love the colours!! I wish I could sew!

  6. We're all drinkin' the swoon kool aid. :)


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