Monday, 28 January 2013

Stash Challenge No 2

My stash busting challenge that I've set myself is going very well -not especially fast as I'm using up the 4 ply yarn first, so projects are fine, delicate and well, a tad slow to finish! But on the plus side those oddments are no longer sitting unused at the back of a cupboard!
This little cardie was made using half a ball of sock yarn. It should fit a 6 month old, and like all my stash busterr items, is going to Greenfields Africa charity.
For some unknown reason I really enjoy knitting little cardigans. Maybe its because there is a little more to them than baby hats, but they still come together quite quickly or maybe its because I'm a big fan of simple stitches - little sections of garter stitch or rib next to stocking stitch, and this is exactly what you usually see on a fairly plain cardigan.
The Greenfields Africa charity has posted a few photos of people receiving their donated items and they have certainly inspired me to keep on going with my challenge.
It is so lovely to see what other people have knit and to see them being received. Some of the families in Africa have such a hard time providing basic neccessities for their children. As well as my stash busting knitting, I'm definitely going to sew some pairs of shorts for little boys such as these and some colourful dresses for some little girls

I'm pleased to say I've already finished my January quota of stash busting knitting and I'll show you more photos in the next few days.
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  1. Julie, this is such a cute cardigan! love the style and the color...and such a worthy cause. The ladies receiving them look very happy :-)

  2. I love the colour of the cardigan. I work my way through wool by different plys as well, so I can relate to this post. It's good to see the pictures of items reaching the people in Africa. Sometimes I have to wonder, but now I know it's a worthwhile project.

  3. Lovely little cardigan Julie and so lovely to see the pictures :)

  4. Beatiful colours and a fine cardi Julie - I'm sure it will brighten someone's day!

  5. that cardigan is precious! you are doing such a wonderful thing :)


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