Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sssshhhh! Don't tell!

Oh dear! It's been way too quiet on Mack and Mabel over the last couple of weeks or so. It's not that I haven't got anything to show you, it's just that I can't show you yet!
Every year I get some lovely ideas of things to make friends and family for Christmas, but I get those ideas way, way to late!!! Here we are just two weeks away from the big day and I'm sitting surrounded by bits of fabric, just starting out on some crafting adventures that have to be started and finished in a matter of days. To say I'm being over ambitious is grossly underestimating the situation.
I wish I could share them with you, and I will, I'm taking photos, I just can't share them yet incase any of the people they are meant for decide to come for a peek on this blog before Christmas.
I daren't even show you the fabric - it would spoil their surprise.
The other thing I can't show you yet is the new knitting pattern designs I'm working on.
My daughter in law kindly offered to photograph the new designs for me and then we'll edit them together when she visits over Christmas. She lives in Canada so if I was going to send a parcel over to her, I wanted it to be a big parcel!
Mission accomplished! Fed Ex did their bit, and hopefully the weather will be kind in Toronto this weekend so she can get some good photos for me. So, hopefully what this blog has been lacking over the last few weeks, will be more than made up for in the next few!
I am hoping to get a bit of time to make something just for me though - and that's where the top photo of the Rudolph decoration comes in.
I designed a pattern for range of Christmas decorations last year.

There are a total of 7 decorations and they are a great way to use up oddments of yarn.
The pattern can be purchased on CraftsyRavelry or Etsy
The angel's wings and the Rudolph's antlers are made with i-cords.
There is  a photo tutorial in the pattern, if you have never made these before. I can assure you they are incredibly easy!
I am intending to make (Wait for it! Don't laugh at this - I'm being over ambitious again!) a few of these stockings from the pattern
and string them together as bunting to go over the fireplace. They are knit flat on two needles and work up in no time at all!
I guess if I'm going to have any chance of finishing all this lot, I better get off here and get on with it!
I hope your Christmas crafting projects are coming along nicely.
Till next time .........................Julie


  1. Welcome back! Those are sooo sweet - I'm madly trying to finish up pressies too. I keep seeing all these lovely ideas, but am running out of making time - will have to make a note for next Christmas!

  2. Making some ornaments, over estimated my time and surrounded by yarn and the thoughts of tons of unmade christmas gifts myself! Can't wait for the pictures!! :)

  3. Ah! It looks as though us over-enthusiastic Christmas crafters are a thriving breed then!


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