Sunday, 20 May 2012

Free Knitting Pattern Baby Hat with Top Knot

Don't you just love free patterns!
Today I am giving you the link to my free baby top-knot knitting pattern.
Update: Pattern now has instructions for both knitting in the round and knitting flat.
It is knit in the round and is very, very simple! I wrote it as a starter pattern for people learning to knit in the round. It uses double knit or light worsted weight yarn and has instructions for 5 sizes ranging from preemie to 2 years.
I know many, many knitters in the UK hate knitting in the round (but they dislike sewing up seams too!!!) whereas my US friends are much more comfortable with it . I have a little theory about this!
If you learned to crochet first and then to knit, you are comfortable knitting in the round - if you didn't learn to crochet, or only learned much later, you are a two needles only sort of person - and as crochet is so much more popular in the US, and only just starting to gain in popularity here, there are more "in the rounders" in the States.
So there you have it - my theory - but let's get back to point of the post!!
The free pattern can be downloaded here. It is also in the Knitting Patterns tab at the top of the page, so you can get those knitting needles out and get knitting today!


  1. Love this pattern! think i used it before and been searching for it again :)


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  3. I like your theory about knitting in the round! I am in the US and learned to crochet at a young age. I just taught myself to knit about 2 years ago and the first thing I knitted was a hat in the round. I love crochet and knitting equally. :)

  4. Just came across this pattern. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Amazing baby hat ! Thanks for sharing this free baby top knot knitting pattern. Nice idea that you made it with a knot at the top. :)

  6. Thank you for sharing with everyone. A lovely pattern

  7. Thank you so much for this lovely little pattern. I've seen some of the girls in my knitting group do one like this on a frame but wanted to actually knit one... I appreciate this pattern very much!

  8. This little hat looks lovely - I am going to give it a go - what better to be doing on a cold February day! Thanks lots.

  9. Love that it is plain, and no pattern. So much more comfy for baby's tender heads♡

  10. Lovely little hat that knits up quickly. I love the top knot it gives the wee hat a modern twist. Many thanks for the pattern.

  11. Just found your Tegan pattern - thanks for sharing :)


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