Monday, 16 July 2012

Easy Newbie Quilt Pattern for Jelly Roll Strips

Modern quilting is for busy people! Gone is the image of quietly sitting by the fireside hand sewing tiny pieces of fabric for months on end before you can see and use the finished article. Today's quilters are busy mum's having a little "me" time, piecing the quilt top by machine in the odd moments whilst their toddler naps, or people who sew for half an hour in the evening after a busy day at the office. Men quilt as well as women, and children produce their fair share of quilts too. But the gift of a quilt is as precious as ever it was, perhaps even more so!
In our world of mass produced and  designer label where you can see the same item in a chain store in London as you can in New York  a gift of a handmade quilt, which basically is unique, however simple the design, will certainly be  treasured. It will still be a household favourite long after the cute little newborn size baby clothing has been safely stored in the loft - maybe for baby number two? or sent to the charity/thrift store.
With pre-cut fabric packs and simple patterns a baby quilt can be made in a weekend or a few evenings. It's not complicated, but it is addictive! The pre-cut fabric packs save a lot of time consuming cutting, stressing over which fabrics go together and possibly making costly mistakes in the purchasing. You get all the relaxing sewing therapy without the decision hassle!
But sometimes it's hard to find just one quick, easy pattern rather than a bookfull.
With this in mind, I have started to design easy, modern, beginner patterns that use pre-cuts, or small ranges of fabrics. Not everyone wants to start an all consuming hobby, they just want a quick pattern to make one quilt.
If you are a relative newcomer to quilting or you just want an easy pattern, then you may want to check out this one that I have for sale on Etsy.
The pattern gives fabric requirements and instructions for 6 sizes of quilt:
Baby – 36"x 45", Crib – 44" x 60", Toddler/Lap – 60" x 76", Twin – 68" x 84", Queen – 92" x 92"
and King – 92" x 108"
This is the toddler size!!
 It just uses a Jelly Roll (or two if you're making the larger sizes) and some white yardage.
The instructions are carefully and simply explained for beginner quilters and there are loads of photos to help you. If you take the plunge and make one of these quilts, be sure to share a photo on Facebook
Happy Quilting!


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