Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Buddy the Bunny - a free knitting pattern

A few months ago I was asked by Craftsy if I would design a pattern using a new yarn which they were to launch in mid November. I agreed. I know a lot of designers were not happy that it wasn't a paid commission, and everyone is entitled to their own view. Personally I see it as a chance for people to try one of my patterns, and then hopefully, once they see that they are clearly written, with progress photos  included where they are helpful, they will then want to purchase some more of my patterns.

The yarn is called Cloudborn Fibers, and comes in a variety of weights. It is ethically sourced in Peru. (I'm sorry, I haven't any more details than that. Hopefully they will elaborate on this point once the yarn is launched).
The one I was given is a worsted weight, that's the equivalent of aran in the UK.
It is called Superwash Merino Wool Worsted, and I can honestly say that this yarn was a delight to work with. I haven't tried washing it yet, but it is beautifully soft to handle,  evenly spun and had no infuriating knots to deal with.

I chose to design a simple bunny. The type of bunny that even a relatively new knitter can make.
Buddy is simply constructed and softly stuffed so that he is a delight to cuddle.

He will sit and is poseable.

He has a little tail, too.

He is knit flat on straight 4mm (US size 6) needles and is 38cm (15") tall, excluding his ears.

The pattern has row numbers throughout so you can mark them off as you knit, and plenty of helpful photos, like this one showing you how to attach the arms.

You can  download the free pattern here
I have also added it to the Knitting Patterns section in the blog header.
I do hope you enjoy knitting him!

Oh, and did I mention he likes carrots!

He stole this one from my veggie garden!!

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  1. What a lovely bunny - it might even tempt me to try knitting!! Bunnies are the go to toy in our household so he, or she, would fit in perfectly!

    1. Buddy says you should definitely try knitting. He would love to join your household. :-0

  2. Oh, so ADORABLE! Love that photo of him from behind. I'm with Abigail of Cut&Alter.... This project would be well worth learning how to knit. So CUTE!


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