Friday, 24 May 2013

Saying Hi From Toronto!

Wow! Clear blue skies, sunny days and exciting explorations - I am in Toronto visiting my eldest son and daughter-in-law and having a great time. Toronto is such a fun city to explore. It's easy to get around (even for someone with absolutely no sense of direction, like me!), not too big and has plenty of green and wild spaces.
I have spent lots of time walking, seen amazing wildlife and eaten copious amounts wonderful food.
I have brought plenty of craft projects with me, but I have a feeling most of them will be taken home again unfulfilled.
I do have some photos to show you of the blankets that I finished before I set off.
These are part of my 2013 Stashbuster Challenge are are to go to Greenfields.

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This first one I am quite pleased with. The colours of aran weight yarn that I needed to use up, just happened to go very well together and they have made a bright and colourful baby blanket.
I had to buy an extra ball to be able to finish the border. (Greenfields like their blankets to be 39" square) which defeats the object slightly as I now have a new oddment, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it!
The second one I wasn't so sure about.
I had a lot of oddments of organic cotton yarn that were pretty dull and drab colours - discontinued colours and discontinued lines by several manufacturers. I had tried several times to add them to a small project, but they always seemed to spoil the proposed item and I didn't have enough white or cream to just do something with stripes. What do you do with bottle green or burgundy if you haven't got a nice white or ream to give them some contrast?
So, I decided to just crochet all the yukky colours together into one yukky but useful blanket!
Ta Dah!
Somehow, I have no idea how, I all seemed to go together OK.
It is very fortunate that I had enough of the light tan colour to give it a decent border.
If that border had been a mixture of more drab colours I don't think I would have been happy with it at all, but as it is I'm OK with it. Not over the moon, but OK.
And at least I've used up all those oddments of burgundy, bottle green and mauve that just didn't sit well with anything else in my stash.

I do hope all my readers in the UK are going to have some fine weather over the Bank Holiday weekend. It isn't a holiday over here, but I know we have some good trips planned for Saturday and Sunday, which I hope to share with you later next week.


  1. Lovely post. My sister is moving to Toronto for three years so I'm hoping to visit once she has settled in.

  2. Love the blankets!! Enjoy Canada :) I am way over on the other side in Alberta!

  3. So glad you are having a lo of fun. It is hard sometimes to use up oddments but I think you blanket has turned out really well. Thanks for good wishes for our Bank Holiday

  4. Both blankets are lovely in their own way. Some people prefer muted colours and some prefer bright colours. I think you made good use of them. It would be terrible not to use them when they could be keeping someone warm.

  5. The blankets are fantastic and very unique in their own ways. Love them. Hugs Judy

  6. These blankets have they're charm.


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