Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stash Challenge No 1

The first item in my Stash Buster challenge is completed - a little baby hat! I have set myself a challenge of making 52 items for Greenfields Africa in the 52 weeks of 2013 all from the ever growing collection of yarn oddments that I have.
I am starting with the 4ply (fingering weight) oddments. There aren't too many of these, but if I want to use it all up I have to give some careful thought to how to use it to best effect. In my challenge to
myself I'm trying not to buy any extra yarn or fabric to make the items - just use exactly what I've got!!
The darker colours and neutrals are going to make baby hats like the first item I've made. Not the brightest of colours for a little Ugandan or Kenyan baby, but I've lightened it as best I can with the small scraps of white and cream.
The black I'm going to keep back as it will be very useful for embroidering features on little soft toys to be included in the Mama bags that  new mothers are given to encourage them to go to the local hospital to give birth.These mothers are extremely poor and many have only a scrap of cloth or an old towel to wrap their baby in. The mama bag provides them with basic clothing for their little one - a baby hat, booties, a cardie, a babygro (onesie) and a blanket and often a small soft toy.
The white and yellow balls are going to be quite a challenge to use successfully. They are mercerised cotton. Unlike my beloved organic cotton, they are not soft and comforting and will have very little stretch. I remember when I taught my sons to knit they insisted on calling the yarn "string" and string is exactly what this yarn is like! - Yes, I confess I taught all three of them to sew and knit and they can all mend and alter their clothes extremely well. They soon gave up the knitting though!
 If you've any ideas what to make for Greenfields with this horrible stuff, let me know.
The variegated yarn is going to be much more enjoyable to use. I think there is enough for a little cardigan and I've completed a few more crocheted blanket squares.
 So, one down, 51 to go!! Are you making any charity items this year? I'd love to know what you are makng.


  1. Hi Julie - I think this is such a fab idea, I have a whole stash of odd balls of wool too, so am going to look in to this. Well done, it's a really good cause and challenge.

  2. Love your little hat, I find it hard to knit with 4py now so usually double it up. I think we all have bits of yarn like that I will be interested to see what you manage to do with it all :)

  3. Such a cute little hat! I am also planning on combining the stash-buster with charity... I will make baby hats and shoes for an orphanage and a hospital. Maybe some preemie cardigans too.

  4. Lovely hat. I'm with you in trying to use the wool I have before buying anymore. I'm knitting blankets, hats and scarves. Sometimes I feel the need to use some of my pretty buttons, so then I knit a little cardigan.

  5. It's good to hear that my blog friends are stash busting too.
    I'm sure the orphanage and hospital will appreciate your items Ana.
    I was so tempted to double the 4 ply up too Linda, but it's such a lovely merino wool I decided it should be shown off just as it is.
    I love knitting baby cardigans too, Una. There is something about them that i just can't resist!

  6. Well done on number 1 good luck with 51 more - its lovely and so neat xx


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