Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Knitters Wanted

More and more frequently I'm getting a convo on Etsy asking if I can knit an item for someone from one of my patterns, either because they don't knit, or don't feel confident to knit that particular pattern. I LOVE knitting, but it doesn't love me! I quickly get RSI in my wrists, which is the reason I started designing patterns rather than selling the finished items in the first place - it gives me just the right amount of knitting, but without the pain. The problem is every time someone asks, I get tempted (is this a sign of addiction, do you think?) Anyway, this morning I had a brain wave (it doesn't happen often!). All I need to do is get the customer to give me details of what they would like and then I can post on Facebook and all you lovely knitters who have bought my patterns can offer to knit it for them if you so wish.
I intend only to be the go-between. - I take no part of the sale price, or responsiblity for the sale. It is up to you to decide on a price, talk to the customer and ship the item to them. This also has the advantage that I can try and match the customer with a knitter in their own country and so everyone saves on shipping costs and I can rest easy knowing I've helped reduced the world's carbon emission by an intsy tinsy teeny bit!
So, if you already have an Etsy shop or you sell knitted items elsewhere, or you just love knitting and would like to knit for someone (you will need a Paypal account) this is what you need to do:

1. Become a follower on Facebook if you are not already, as this is where I will post when someone wants an item.
2. Send me an email (mackandmabelblog(at)gmail(dot)com) telling me that you are interested in being a LoveFibres knitter, which country you live in and what your username on Facebook is if its not your real name, so I can identify you easily when you respond.

When I get a request for an item, I will post the details of the item and the country the potential customer lives in. If you are interested in knitting that item, just respond to the post.
I will send the customer a list of email addresses of people who have responded. If I get loads of responses I'll chose the first half dozen respondants that live closest. After that it's up to you guys!

I've no idea if we'll get many requests or not, and we may have to tweek the idea if we get inundated, but let's see how it goes. Hopefully you'll get more customers, and I'll stop being tempted to knit things for people, thereby avoid the pain and be able to put all my efforts into designing new patterns.

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